African Mango with Green Tea Pills for Weight Loss Review

A few dietary supplements for weight loss pool together a mixture of African mango extract and green tea extract.

These two extract are said to jointly work together to regulate appetite, boost fat burning process and assist to modify and maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.
African mango seed extracts are extracts gotten from the plant with the scientific name, Irvingia gabonensis. It is made up of large amounts of soluble fiber.

This component of the extracts is helpful in digestive health and assists to minimize the size of the girth. It has a good number of fart-burning and anti obesity effects on the body.
Green tea extracts is made up of a polyphenol plant chemical known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). EGCG is thought to speed up fat metabolism, which can result to weight loss when merged with proper dieting and exercise.

The joint weight loss advantage of the both African mango and green tea extracts help users to shed off extra fats and maintain a healthy weight. They also result to a lot of other health benefits like natural regulation of the levels of blood sugar in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

African Mango Functions as:

  1. Appetite suppressant
  2. Weight loss supplement
  3. Carb blocker

Mechanism of Operation:

It assists in the regulation of appetite
It boosts the takers sensitivity to leptin and adiponectin
It boost the level of blood sugar and cholesterol


The recommended dosage is between 500 – 1,000 mg per day

How Safe is African Mango Extract:

African mango extract is commonly well tolerated

Identification of African Mango

African mango is a common name for Irvingia gabonensis. Iringia gabonensis is a plant that manufactures edible fruits.

The seed from African mango fruits are utilized in the production of dietary supplements for weight loss and obesity. They are also used for hyperlipidemia, diabetes and relieve of ache.

The seeds of African mangos are made up of roughly 67% fat, 15% carbohydrates and 9% protein. They also contain fiber, thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), calcium, iron and other plant nutrients.

It is notable that there have not been any unique phytonutrients identified in I. gabonensis. This means that other plants also contain all known plant constituents isolated from African Mango extract.
Some African mango seed extracts have been shown to suppress appetite and boost weight loss. These effects may be due to high fiber content.

A standardized African mango seed extract called IGOB131 has been used in most clinical trials assessing I. gabonensis for weight reduction.

What are Green Tea Catechins?

Green tea extracts seem to be the best source for beneficial plant compounds called catechins. Catechins are flavan-3-ol plant chemicals. They are natural flavonoid phenols which demonstrate potent antioxidant effects.
In addition to being concentrated with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), green tea also contains high amounts of other catechins including epicatechin gallate and epigallocatechin.

Increased Consumption of Catechins is Associated with:

  • Resistance of LDL-C (low density lipoprotein cholesterol) to oxidation;
  • Increased brachial artery vasodilation;
  • Increased plasma antioxidant activity;
  • Resistance of fat to oxidation;

Green tea extracts are used for various additional health-enhancing purposes. Some uses include weight loss, improving mental alertness and cognitive functioning – and reducing the risks of developing cardiovascular disease.

African Mango With Green Tea Extract For Weight Loss

African Mango with Green TeaTaking African mango supplement together with green tea extract have more weight loss benefits than just using African mango extract by itself alone.
African mango works as appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. Green tea catechins are thought to have fat burning effects.
User reviews for African mango merged with green tea supplements differ. A few users testify that it gave them optimal satisfaction; help them to lose considerable amount of weight, helps to suppress their appetite and boost their energy.

The combined effects of these two supplements have also been shown by users to help mitigate pain and enhance the levels of blood sugar. A few users however, note that they did not notice any significant boost or benefits.

Like all dietary supplements, African mangoes with green tea products vary in their bioactive ingredient concentrations.

A few green tea extracts are not made up of EGCG or additional catechins. A factor which may as well affect the efficiency of the product is the dosage taken, gender, health history, diet, level of physical activity and therapeutic objective.

Thus, different African mango and green tea extract supplements have different effects. To ensure that you get what you are looking for, try to select a valuable organic product that is made up of I. gabonensis seed extract and green tea catechins.

Clinical Findings About the Health Benefits of African Mango

A few researchers found that the health benefit of Irvingia gabonensis seed extracts is provided by their fiber content. Boosting dietary fiber has been known to result to the following health benefits:

  • Assist in the attainment and the maintenance of the body’s healthy weight
  • Boost the weight, quantity and suppleness of stool
  • Lessen LDL-C and total levels of cholesterol
  • Boost and create sense of fullness and satiationNaturally enhance the levels of blood sugar
  • Perk up the consistency of bowel movement
  • Preserve the health of the digestive system

African mango seed extracts may assist you to stimulate fat burning genes in your stomach and boost your weight loss efforts.

Four weeks double trial study that involves twenty-eight out of forty participants given 1.05-gram doses of IGOB131 three times a day and other twelve participants were given placebo doses instead.

Results obtained show a 5.26 percent of reduction in body weight in the participants that were treated compared to a 1.3 weight loss in participants used as controls.

Treatment group members as well witnessed great reduction in LDL (low density lipoprotein cholesterol).
These results gotten from this study is related to what were obtained from the use of fiber supplements, like glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber that is less costly than African mango seed extracts on a dose to dose basis.


The Side Effects of African Mango and Green Tea Blend

African mango seed extracts are generally safe for healthy adult users. The most widely experienced side effects of IGOB131 are headaches, gassiness and sleep difficulties.

Potential side effects of green tea catechins like EGCG are stomach upset, dyspepsia (heartburn) and seasickness. These are uncommon and easily wade off without treatment. Excessive doses of green tea extracts are connected with hepatotoxicity or the poisoning of the liver.

Green tea extracts may result to motivation of the CNS (central nervous system). This can result to sleeplessness, restiveness, tremors, giddiness and muddled thinking. Green tea extracts are recommended as potentially safe for suitable oral short-range utilization. Green tea extracts can act together with a lot of medications, herbal supplements and health conditions.

If you are diagnosed with any severe health condition, or make use of prescription drugs and/or herbal supplements, it is better to seek medical advice before you start to make use the supplement blend.

Irvingia gabonensis extracts are recommended for potential safety for suitable oral utilization in the short term. 1.05-gram doses have been utilized safely everyday three times a day for more than four weeks.

Two times a day dosages of 150 mg used for a period of ten weeks have been shown to constitute no adverse effects to the health of users.

A few health experts recommend restricting African mango and green tea product usage to 12 weeks before starting off another cycle in at least in a thirty-day period. Make sure you follow strictly the recommended dosage on the product label.


Shown to Improve Leptin Sensitivity
Supports Appetite Suppression and Reduced Caloric Intake
Promotes Weight Loss; Better Results if Combined with Cissus Quadrangularis
Reported to Reduce Waist Circumference and Increase Adiponectin Levels
Reported to Decrease Blood Glucose After 10 Weeks of Supplementation


No Evidence of Increased Fat Metabolism
More Independent Clinical Trials Needed


African Mago, Green tea

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