Deer Antler Spray Benefits for Athletes/Weight Lifters

Deer antler velvet components come in various formulas, such as capsules and spray, and if taken properly, offer some promising results and benefits with deer antler spray.

For those who are competitive athletes or bodybuilders, it is a common risk to be plagued by a series of injuries, ranging from broken tendons to decreased cartilage between the joints.

In order to remedy many of these injuries, as well as boost strength and endurance for competition or to decrease the amount of time one is out with an injury, individuals often turn to natural proven supplements, of which the deer antler is one.

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Those who know the sport, know that the main components of the velvet are the same components that professional athletes have used for more than half a century: amino acids, glycine, alanine, proline, and glutamic acid.

Glycine has been a proven and popular supplement since 1940, and athletes have used it as ergogenic help (sports improvement) since 1941 when it was shown to increase hormone levels.

Glycine is actually the precursor of creatine, which is needed for regular muscle contractions and is one of the top bodybuilding supplements in the current market.

The long list of deer antler spray, a product praised for its ability to grow lean muscle, burn fat, and improve stamina in the gym, has led to the rapidly growing use of this animal-based supplement, as the supplement has been adopted by the weightlifting community and by professional and amateur athletes.

It is also known to enhance sexual health for both men and women and contributes to an overall detoxifying function of several key systems of the body.

It also bears the following reasons as part of a health regimen:

Muscle Growth and Fitness – Benefits Of Deer Antler Spray

The most prevalent use for deer antler velvet products is as a muscle builder for athletes, and unlike synthetic, lab-derived steroids, all-natural deer antler extracts offered a dose of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) without any serious side effects.

Antler Spray Benefits

This IGF-1 is an amino acid-rich hormone and is already naturally produced in the body as a means to repair damaged tissue and spur rapid muscle and bone growth.

For bodybuilders, the ability of IGF-1 to prompt fast cell division translates into noticeable muscle gains in the gym.

IGF-1 is a controlled substance, but when taken in the form of a deer antler supplement, it becomes legal to use.

In fact, one of the best deer antler spray benefits is that it is a prescription-free method for supplementing growth factors, an attribute that has made it very popular in both amateur and professional athletics.

Sexual Health Benefits of Deer Antler Spray

One of the more stimulating deer antler spray benefits is its role in sexual health and performance.

The deer antler works by activating the contractile protein called myosin, thus, playing a role to improve the ability to achieve an erection and increase the pleasure from sexual stimulation in nerve endings.

In combination with the above benefits for overall stamina and muscle confidence, deer antler becomes a viable therapy for boosting libido and addressing erectile dysfunction, especially in the male.

It is sometimes marketed solely for its sexual effects, as a stimulation aid for both men and women.

Deer antler is known as “Lurong” in Chinese medicine, and the remedies are used to bring together and balance the concepts of yin and yang energy, often thought of as the masculine and feminine components of bodily and mental function.

The more prevailing use of the powder begins to be recognized in Chinese texts of the 1500-1600s, as researchers described blood, muscle, and bone, sexual and reproductive benefits.

Additional Benefits Of Deer Antler Spray

Deer antler spray benefits also include many general health and wellness conditions and have been prescribed as a remedy for general immunity and overall toning up of full body energy.

Deer antler extracts are believed to act as a blood cleanser that plays a role in boosting red blood cell counts.

It can also soothe indigestion, headache, and asthma, and can even be used to fight PMS symptoms in women. It also has the ability to lower cholesterol and reduces high blood pressure.

Some of the more common effects include:

  • Endurance
  • Aerobic ability and increased capacity
  • Smaller recovery times
  • Enhanced muscular strength


For first time users, you can reduce the risk of any side effects by always taking it as directed. If you find the product for sale at GNC or other reputable sites online, you can be confident of the quality.

Deer antler spray benefits are varied and depend on a number of factors that include the quality of the product, the usability, and the dosage recommendations.

Overall, deer antler spray benefits represent a safe, effective way to improve gains in the gym and elevate sexual performance for men and women alike.

The supplement is a legal one, and also safe to take daily, without the serious side effects of other growth hormones, as can be seen in steroids or HGH.

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