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Description: Your body can get several health benefits while gardening.

There is an increase in evidence of how gardening and the green space it provides affect social interactions and physical activity.

Read this excerpt to learn the benefits of having a garden in relation to your health.

Gardening is not all about making your home look attractive. It can also sharpen your brain and boost your immune system.

Gardening can be quite hard physically, and you should use a rare engine riding mower to assist in preparing the space. 

However, you should practice gardening as a physical exercise to enjoy the full benefits. You can reap many health benefits as you are gardening.

The first benefit, which is quite apparent, is getting fresh air by being outdoors. Nonetheless, there are many other benefits to your body, mind, and soul. 

 If you want to improve the quality of soil in your garden, you may use manure. Nonetheless, the benefits of peat moss in the vegetable garden are more compared to manure.

You will improve and regulate the pH of the soil in the most natural of ways.  

Below are some of the surprising health benefits of having a garden.

Exposure to Vitamin D

Having Vitamin D helps a lot in increasing your calcium levels that very beneficial in your immune system and having healthy bones. Several studies show that exposure to the sun in older people increases levels of Vitamin D.

For this reason, many outdoor activities, including gardening, are a perfect way of improving your health while having fun for those that have skin conditions remember to protect your skin using sunscreen.

Reduces the Risk of Dementia

 A study done in 2006 in America proves that gardening lowers the risk of developing dementia by thirty-six percent.

People from the ages of 16-60 who were physically active did not show any signs of dementia over time.

Burning Of Calories

Gardening is a form of moderate exercising; hence, if you garden, you will burn calories as you tend to it.

You will burn up to three hundred calories for every hour you do light gardening. You use more energy as your garden more than walking or jogging.

Several studies, including the one done by the American Journal of Public Health, show that those who practice gardening as a group experience community gardening benefits like lower BMIs (body mass indexes) than those who do not practice cultivation.  

Lowers Blood Pressure

For you to lower your blood pressure, you need to do gardening at least three times a week.

If you can be able to practice gardening for at least thirty minutes every day, you will notice a decrease in your blood pressure.

Nonetheless, you need to be consistent every day of the week so that you can achieve the required results.

Eating Healthier

eat healthier

Besides getting physical exercise as you tend to your garden, the plot will give you a fresh supply of vegetables.

Nutritionist emphasizes on the need for one to have fruits and vegetables in the diet. The vitamin-rich foods help a lot to reduce your risk of getting chronic diseases.

Through gardening, you will develop a habit of healthy eating. Reduce the calories you take per day and substitute them with healthy fresh vegetables and fruits.

Stress Reliever

There have been reports that attribute reduction in anxiety and depression to gardening. Some hospitals use flower and plant arrangements as a way of rehabilitation for patients.

Plants will restore confidence and show the patient that they are in control.

Gardening Makes You Happier

gardening makes you happy

Being outdoors while engaging in activities like gardening will make you happier and reduce mood disturbances.

There are also plants that you can plant in your plot and get immense benefits. Garden cress seeds benefits include boosting your memory and a great source of iron, and you can plant them in a small area. 

Reduces Loneliness

When one retires, boredom kicks in. You can socialize with only a few people. Gardening can be a good alternative.

Community gardens offer a special place where people can come together and engage in productive activities.

Sense of Community

You do not need to go to the garden alone. Studies show that when people work communally, it improves their self-esteem and general compared to when they are working alone.

The best thing is that gardening is natural and anyone can take part in the exercise.

Gardening Is a Form of Aerobic Exercise

One of the most significant forms of aerobic exercise is gardening. With time, you may be so attached to gardening that it becomes routine, and you will not notice breaking a sweat.

You get to work your muscles and enjoy what you are doing at the same time.


gardening for weight loss

The greatest thing about gardening is that you partake in saving the earth. Everyone around the globe is going green to curb greenhouse gases and their effects. It also shows that you have faith and hope for the future.

Most people today are utilizing gardening to their advantage. It has helped in general body wellness. If you found this piece helpful, you can leave suggestions in the comments box below.


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