How Does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Help with Weight Loss?

You might have noticed that all the top BJJ stars are ripped, lean, and absolutely shredded. Seeing them in such perfect shape surely arouses a feeling that you too should resemble a statue masterfully cut from stone.

You can’t attain it without entering the arena of BJJ because training in this great martial art gives a person an impressive physique.

Different activities involved in this combat sport burns all the useless excess body fat stored around your belly and back.

Many fitness enthusiasts have lost weight simply by joining a BJJ gym, even when they didn’t follow a dietary plan.

This is why this full-body workout is considered the perfect combination of calorie-crushing exercise and art teaching high-level defensive skills.

If you wish to lose some pounds and gain some rippling abs and super defined biceps of the world champions, buy yourself BJJ no-gi rash guards and no-gi shorts before signing up for a BJJ class.

Read on to learn what makes BJJ so effective in weight loss.

What makes BJJ so effective?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Although it was developed in Brazil, BJJ has now gained popularity in almost every continent on earth.

Nearly three decades ago, the world was first exposed to the power of BJJ.

And today, electrifying BJJ fighting championships are organized and broadcasted to millions every month.

This is why BJJ schools are getting busier every day, with fight fans looking to get fit and emulate their heroes.

The style was devised to favor technique over brute strength, using leverage to manipulate powerful opponents, so almost anyone can join this great art.

You only need a desire to train hard, consistency, and a healthy diet to get shredded with this effective martial art.

You’ll Burn A Great Amount Of Calories During BJJ Training:

In order to lose weight, you should burn more calories than your intake and if you want to maintain your weight there should be a balance between the number of calories in and calories out.

Even if you aren’t tracking calories, training in effective and efficient physical activity like BJJ will surely help you lose some weight.

This is because your activity level has increased but your food intake is staying the same or close to the same.

The more intensely you train in this art, the more calories you will be able to burn.

However, tracking calories burnt in a BJJ class is incredibly difficult, you will just understand from the change in your physique that you are torching more calories than you are eating.

You’ll Be Surrounded By Healthy People Who Will Influence You:

When you go to a BJJ class, you will find yourself in the company of people who are healthy, health-conscious, or actively working on getting healthier.

Surrounded by such people will surely influence you which will help you make healthier choices.

And if you befriend such people and occasionally hang out with them, you will likely be even further influenced by their lifestyle.

Furthermore, your older circle of friends who had unhealthy habits begin to fade away with your new health-conscious friends.

Training Frequency:

What makes BJJ so effective?

When you practice in BJJ, you will do activities like warm-ups (different exercises to prepare your body, muscles, and mind for a strenuous workout), BJJ training, and finally, cool down (some activities to bring your body temperature to normal).

Doing all these physical activities regularly will result in quick weight loss.

Also, with every training session, your body continues to go tougher which in turn will help you increase the duration of your BJJ training.

So, training in BJJ 6 days a week will help you effectively lose weight by producing a calorie deficiency.

BJJ Is Better Than Traditional Workouts:

Although cardio exercises like running on a treadmill, jumping on a bike, jogging, and swimming are great they are not as diligent as BJJ training is.

Furthermore, while doing other traditional workouts, you do exercise on your own and you dictate the pace but while sparring in a BJJ class you’re forced to react on someone else’s terms.

Either you are charging onto your opponent or you’re on the defensive reacting to your opponent’s movements and playing catch up.

Your opponent acts as resistance during your practice, which is why people call BJJ a form of resistance training.


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