PowerBar Beta Alanine – Provides Beta-Alanine to the Muscles and Works by Increasing Muscle Carnosine Levels

Beta-Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in food and in the human body.

The PowerBar Beta Alanine tablets provide an even supply of beta-alanine to the muscles and works by increasing muscle carnosine levels, which resists the lactic acid that builds up during high-intensity exercises.

Cushioning muscle acid can reduce muscle burn and fatigue during high-intensity exercise.

This beta-alanine tablet is designed for endurance, team, and strength, and are formulated to help enhance both high-intensity training and performance among athletes.

As a competitive athlete, it is important that you constantly set yourself ambitious goals and don’t accept any give and take, on the journey to achieve them.

A key to this is choosing the right food supplements for your training plan, and PowerBar Beta-Alanine is just made to be taken during periods of high-intensity training and competition.

Beta-alanine has been studied in some human trials and is known to increase intramuscular levels of a dipeptide called carnosine, which (carnosine) is important to people who want to improve their athletic performance, stamina, and dynamism.

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Features of the Power Beta-Alanine

  • Supports muscle development and workout performance
  • Improves athletic stamina and power output
  • Upsurges muscle carnosine levels

Ingredients: Ingredients For This Product Includes:

Beta-Alanine (69.7%), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (bulking agent), anticaking agents (fatty acids, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), and traces of gluten, egg, milk, and soy.

Recommended Usage:

PowerBar Beta Alanine is NSF Certified for Sport, and provides 800 mg per tablet, with a recommended serving size of two tablets.

This supplement is free of contaminants and banned ingredients for competitive athletes. Thus, to supplement effectively with Beta-Alanine, it is recommended that you adhere to the following etiquette:

• Plan to start supplementing with Beta-Alanine tablets about 4 weeks before you upgrade your high-intensity training. These first 4 weeks will see you follow what is known as the ‘loading phase’.
• Loading phase: During the first 4 weeks, otherwise known as the loading phase, take two tablets twice a day, ensuring to space the two doses at least 3 hours apart. The Powerbar Beta-Alanine should preferably be taken with food.
• Maintenance phase: This is the last 4 weeks of use, and you should take two tablets once a day.

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important, and this food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake, and keep this product out of reach of children. A study has shown that carnosine levels remain elevated for up to 9 weeks after Beta-Alanine supplementation has been discontinued.

Beta-Alanine and Athletic Performance

By increasing carnosine in the muscles, Powerbar Beta-Alanine supplements help to facilitate certain physical performance-wise benefits.

The Following Result Has Been Noted in Human Studies:

  • Improved total number of repetitions in exercise sets
  • Greater than before bench press training volume;
  • The improved threshold for fatigue onset;
  • Amplified TTE (time to exhaustion);
  • Improved ventilatory threshold, and
  • Better sprint power output.

A review of beta-alanine literature from 19 randomized human trials, done in 2014 concluded that the Beta-Alanine supplement may increase work capacity and power output, and can likely decrease fatigue and exhaustion. It finally concluded that beta-alanine may have a positive effect on body composition.

Safety and Side Effects of PowerBar Beta-Alanine

PowerBar Beta Alanine powderAccording to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, a beta-alanine supplement is safe for appropriate, short-term oral usage, and doses as high as 6.4 grams daily have been used without causing adverse effects for as long as 10 weeks in younger adults.

In people over 55 years of age, 2.4-gram daily BA doses have been used with apparent safety for as long as 3 months.

On the other hand, safety reviews for products like the PowerBar Beta Alanine have shown that athletes fail to report adverse effects caused by usage in many cases.

The only adverse effect commonly associated with Beta-Alanine usage is called transient paresthesia and is a condition in which the skin tingles, itches, burns, and crawls.

Transient paresthesia is different from permanent paresthesia, which can result from traumatic events that cause nerve damage since the paresthesia caused by using beta-alanine goes away on its own after an hour or two in most cases.

The surprising thing is that many users stated that they count on the skin tingling because it gives them a psychological boost, as it is an indication that the product is active at work in their systems.

Up to date, there are no reported interactions between beta-alanine supplements and diseases, drugs, foods, herbs, or other products.


PowerBar Beta-Alanine can enhance athletic performance in certain conditions, primarily by increasing endurance.

It is likely to improve performance during high-intensity exercise sessions, strength training, weightlifting, and other activities that may cause high degrees of fatigue and muscular acidosis.

Recent investigation has concluded that these effects of beta-alanine apply almost equally to both untrained and trained athletes.

It is recommended that you always closely follow the dosing instructions of supplements that you intend to use, and if you are considering using PowerBar Beta Alanine products, then it is best to consult your doctor first, to make sure that Beta-Alanine is safe for your usage.

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PowerBar Beta Alanine

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