African Mango Diet Pills: Detoxification & Fat Loss

African mango diet pills are widely used as weight loss supplements, for regulation of appetite and weight control. They are also well utilized in the prevention of health complications of obesity like diabetes, hyperlipidemia or excessive levels of blood lipid and to mitigate pain.

African mango pills are formulated from seeds of Irvingia gabonensis, a tree that naturally grows in the tropical climate of Central Africa and West Africa. I. gabonensis manufactures fruits known as African mangos or bush mangos. The fruits are made up of one seed or nut. The seed is highly fibrous and is made up of plenty amount of healthy fats.

Although Irvingia has no recorded history of medicinal use in the native Africa, it is becoming popular in the western countries as dietary supplement that is used in the regulation and maintenance of the body weight.

African mango diet pills as well boost the detoxification of the liver and assist in the mitigation of the symptoms of diabetes.

Additional study is required to establish the efficiency of African mango supplements for weight loss or any other medicinal purposes. A lot of users of this dietary supplement provide positive review but there is yet insufficient amount of scientific study to validate these claims of positive effects on weight loss.

The Diet Pills of The African Mango Seed Extracts

There are increasing numbers of obese individuals on a day to day basis. Overweight individuals are predisposed to myriads of diseases that has a link to chronic inflammation.

Two scientific studies with overweight human participants show that African mango supplements assist overweight individuals to lose weight. These studies have been disapproved by many for the use of poor quality research methodology. There is, therefore, a need for supplementary research to validate the results obtained in these preliminary studies.

Scientific Studies and African Mango for Weight Loss

african mango diet pills
African Mango Seeds

In a one-month clinical study involving overweight participants divided into the treatment group and the control group, the treatment group was given three doses of 1.05 g I. gabonensis daily.

The research participants in the two groups were placed on a restricted diet of 1800 kCal low-fat diet every day. At the end of the study, individuals who were treated with African mango diet pills recorded a weight loss of roughly 8.8 lbs. The individuals in the control group did not witness any significant weight loss.

In a second ten-week trial study where overweight participants were placed on a particular extract of Irvingia gabonensis known as IGOB13 and in which the participants in the treatment group were given two daily doses of 150 milligram of IGOB13, the participants were not placed on any diet restriction.

At the end of the study, it was discovered that the individuals in the control group lost only 2 lbs each while the participants in the treatment group lost 28 lbs each. The treated participants as well felt more easily satiated and less hungry.

It was observed that the treated group ate 400 fewer calories each compared to individuals in the control group.

This is an indication that African mango pill helps in the regulation of appetite and elicits a sense of fullness for a longer period of time.

The Mechanism of Operation of the African Mango Diet Pill

African mango has no inimitable bioactive ingredients. Its weight loss effect is due to the large amount of fibre that it contains.

The African mango seed extract used in making supplement is also made up of good quality fat with medium and long chained fatty acids. These fatty acids help in the metabolism of unhealthy fat.

African mango extract has also been shown by research to boost the sensitivity of leptin. People who are overweight are usually resistant to the action of the hormone, leptin. Leptin hormone is popular for its appetite control and production of a longer sense of satiety.

A good presence of leptin in the body signals the brain about enough supply of food and minimizes the cravings for food. Nevertheless, in obese people, the part of their brain known as hypothalamus may be made less sensitive to leptin.

African mango extracts and associated supplements have been found by research to boost the sensitivity of leptin hormone. This may influence weight loss by making the user feel less hungry and consume fewer calories.

How African Mango Pills Help in The Process of Detoxification

African mango supplements are occasionally used as a detoxification remedy although this use has not been studied clinically.

The large amount of fiber and medium to high chain fatty acid (MCFA) that is present in the seed of Irvingia gabonensis may help to boost the body’s metabolism, reduce a feeling of tiredness and boost the process of digestion.

A lot of clinical studies show that MCFAs may boost physical and athletic performance. Other usefulness of MCFA fiber include the following; immune system boost, cell regeneration and healing of wound.

Animal studies also found that African mango extracts have effects on a number of liver markers. Nevertheless, research is still ongoing on the effects of the African mango on liver function.

African Mango and Effects on Cholesterol

Cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of death globally. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) can get clogged up in the arteries limiting the flow of blood and resulting to a condition known as atherosclerosis. African mango diet pills assist to lessen a few risk factors connected to cardiovascular diseases.

Studies examining the effect of African mango on individuals who are overweight show that it helps to reduce the levels of cholesterol.

African Mango Diet Pills and Effect on Type II Diabetes

African mango diet pills may help to regulate the levels of blood sugar and other symptoms of diabetes.

In a 10-week human study conducted with type II diabetes patients divided into the treatment group and the control group, the treatment group was given150 milligram dosages of I. gabonensis two times every day prior to meal time.

The study found that the treatment group recorded an average of 22.5 loss of fasting blood-glucose when compared to the control group who recorded a 5.3 percent reduction in fasting blood glucose.

A different study found that the treatment group recorded a 32.36 percent loss of fasting glucose when treated with 3.15 g of I. gabonensis for a period of 4 weeks.

Pros of African Mango diet pills

  • Researches also show that African mango is great for anti-obesity medication.
  • It has protective effect on the heart and has antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.
  • It was as well found to be hepatoprotective and gastroprotective.
  • It has insecticidal, hormonal, hypoglycemic and analgesic properties
  • It acts as appetite suppressant
  • It functions as a carbohydrate blocker
  • It aids in weight loss
  • It creates a prolonged feeling of satiation due to its high fibre content.
  • It boost sensitivity to leptin and adiponectin
  • It helps to regulate the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol


  • African mango pills are found to be associated with mild side effects like vomiting, flatulence, difficulty falling asleep, headaches and restlessness.
  • African mango may interact with supplements or medications that have hypoglycemic properties.
  • It is not recommended to be used together with insulin, Avandia, Actos, Amaryl, Prandin and other prescription diabetes prescription drugs.
  • When used together with diabetic drugs, African diet pills could predispose the individual to risks of suffering from hypoglycemia.
  • African mango diet pills is unsafe when used together with herbal supplements like ginseng, Coptischinensis(huanglian), yerba mate, devil’s claw, guar gum, fenugreek and Momordicacharantia  or bitter melon.

African mango diet pills are potential useful supplement for checking overweight. To ensure your safety, do not take the supplement without wide consultation with your medical team.


african mango diet pills

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