African Mango Supplement Review and Benefits

African mango supplements are produced from the seeds of the tree Irvingia gabonensis. The supplements are marketed for obesity and weight loss, reduction of high blood lipid levels, and treatment of diabetes and pain relief.

There is yet not enough scientific data to estimate the therapeutic use of African mango for treatment of obesity.

African mango extract supplements are made from the seeds of the African Mango’s tree’s fruit. The African mango supplements are normally blended with other high-fiber sources and sold as formulas for remedying overweight.

African mango seeds contain high content of fiber with long to medium chain fatty acids. There is currently no bioactive ingredient in African mango that is exclusive to it alone.

The fruit of Irvingia gabonensis is regularly eaten in the Central and West Africa which is the natural home of this tree but it has never been known historically to be used in any form of the traditional medicinal practices.

African Mango Supplements Review

african mangoAfrican mango supplement became very popular after it was featured by Dr. Mehmet on The Dr. Oz Show.

In spite of how popular the supplement has become, there are yet only a small numbers of clinical studies that have been carried out on the effects of African mango supplements on weight loss.

The few accessible clinical studies have not been widely accepted for not been rigorous enough. The number of human trials studies available are only very few.

Although these trials show high prospective results, they were conducted through very poor structured research methodology.

Researchers who reviewed of accessible evidence in the medical journal found that a more comprehensive supplementary research are required to be able to ascertain and confirm the effects of the African mango seed extract on weight-loss.

Weight loss supplements: Mechanisms involved

Weight loss supplements commonly support weight loss through three different mechanisms:

  • The first mechanism is by boosting the metabolism of the individual helping the user to burn more calories they would normally
  • The second mechanism is by creating a sense of fullness in the individual and making him or her eat less calories than usual
  • The third mechanism is by helping to slow down the body’s hormonal pathways that result in the storage of fat.

The African Mango seed extracts make use of the second procedure by creating a sense of fullness due to its high contents of fibre.

A few research conducted on African mango seed extract show that it can efficiently help to suppress appetite and in that way makes the individual to eat less.

The users who have used the product testified in users review that it helped them to minimize their cravings for food and made them feel less hungry.

African mango capsules have as well been observed to assist in the regulation of the levels of blood glucose. When the levels of blood glucose are inhibited from reaching a high level, it can minimize the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas.

Insulin plays a few significant metabolic roles in the body.  It is essential for the transportation of glucose into cells from the blood.

Nevertheless, excessive levels of insulin can result to a few health complications and eventually result to insulin resistance and Metabolic Syndrome.

Additionally, when the level of insulin is high, it stimulates the body to store excess energy as fat and inhibits the fat burning effect.

Insulin activates a process of lipogenesis, which is a situation where excess fats in the blood are transported to and stored in adipose tissue.

African Mango extract supplements help people to lose weight by preventing the occurrence of lipogenesis and maintaining low levels of insulin.

By regulating a very significant hormones needed for the regulation of the body’s metabolism, African Mango supplement can help people to lose weight and avoid gaining weight.

Nevertheless, more clinical studies are necessary to be able to effectively demonstrate this effect in a more conclusive way.

African Mango Supplement Trial studies

There are two small trial studies that are frequently widely known about the effects of the African mango seed extracts on weight loss.

These studies are considered scientifically insufficient for estimating the efficiency of the African mango supplements conclusively because they involved small population and are made up of substandard research methodology.

For a conclusive report on these studies to be made a supplementary independent research is needed.

In a clinical study, individuals who are overweight a little bit high levels of cholesterol were investigated for four weeks. These research participants were grouped into the treatment and the panacea group.

The two groups were placed on a low-fat, calorie regulated diet of 1,800 kCal every day.

The treatment group was given 3 dosages of 1.05 gram of African mango seed extracts daily. At the end of the study, the treatment group lost roughly 8.8 lbs or 4 kilogram of weight while the panacea group did not record any noticeable reduction in weight.

A second panacea -controlled human trial studies that made use of a standardized African mango supplement known as IGOB131.

The treatment participants were give 150 milligram doses of IGOB131 daily for a period of 10 weeks. The research participants were overweight individuals.

In this particular study, they were not placed on any form of exercise regimen or calorie restrictions.

The study found that those in the treatment group lost an average of 12.8 kg or 28.22 lbs and consumed roughly, 389 fewer calories daily than those of the panacea group.

The panacea group on the other hand lost roughly 0.7 kg or 1.54 lbs.

These two studies were carried out by the same research group and they were sponsored by a producer of the African mango supplement.

To be able to authenticate the result obtained in these studies, a much more extensive and independent research need to be conducted.

The Pros of the African Mango Supplement

african mango supplementsStudies that found that it is effective for weight loss and can help individuals to avoid weight gain

The same studies also show that it help to minimize the levels of the blood cholesterol. It led to thirty-nine percent cholesterol decrease in individuals who were treated with three doses of 1.05 g I. gabonensis seed extract daily.

It reduces the levels of triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein known as LDL or “bad” cholesterol and result to a boost in high-density lipoprotein known as “good” cholesterol.

It reduces the levels of the blood glucose.  A clinical study where the participants were given for forty days 4 gram of powdered Irvingia gabonensis seed fiber dissolved in 100 mL of water found that it raised HDL cholesterol level and reduced fasting blood glucose, LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides.

Cons of The African Mango Supplement

The African mango supplements are not usually connected with side effects. However a few side effects that have been recorded include the following:

  • Gassiness, headaches and vomiting although control group participants also exhibited similar side effects
  • There may be some kind of interaction between I. gabonensis other types of medications which may be either prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • The supplement is more expensive than related weight loss supplement to produces similar effect.
  • It doesn’t yet have any bioactive material that is not found in other sources.

Irrespective of the promising results obtained from scientific studies on the effects of African mango supplement on weight loss and other therapeutic remedies, supplementary research is essential to confirm these findings.

To ensure that you always remain safe, do not make use of African Mango supplement without first consulting with your doctor.


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