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We have been through what you are going through now and have dabbled around to get the right solutions.

But you know what? You don’t have to dabble around as we did. We are here to point you in the right direction throughout your course of losing weight.

Like you must have figured out by now, we are very practical people.

We don’t recommend weight loss workouts that are insane nor ask you to starve to get the results you need.

We are normal humans like you. We get tired sometimes, we get lazy too. Most times life gets in the way.

At the end of the day, we were able to shed excess weight and have the body of our dreams.

The guys in the team have got bodies they are proud of. I notice Mark takes his shirt off even before we get to the beach lol.

As for we ladies, I know I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer, how about you?

Don’t forget, if we can achieve these results, you can too. We are not workaholics. Like I said above, we get lazy sometimes.

We are humans. But we made it. Read on to get some weight loss quick tips and recommendations that we have for you in this letter that can help you shed 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks.

What is Body Metabolism And What Has it Got To Do With Weight-Loss

ways to boost metabolism

Any online forum on weight loss that you visit right now, they are talking about body metabolism and how to increase it.

Everyone believes that increasing your body’s metabolism can increase your rate of weight loss.

As much as this is true, many people go about it the wrong way.

Many people ask for pills they can take to increase their body metabolism.

While you can get this, I don’t recommend it right out of the box.

Now let’s look at ways we can increase your body metabolism NATURALLY and in the RIGHT way too.

Here are 3 easy approaches to boost your metabolism naturally:

Do not starve your body:

That’s right; don’t stick to each ultra-low calorie that comes into fashion.

For your body to generate, power it demands calories to burn from fantastic wholesome meals.

It wants protein to preserve muscle tissues healthier, carbs for power, and fats to retain your organs like your heart and brain functioning properly.

To get a concept of how quite a few calories your body needs every day, follow this guide:

If you sit at a desk all day take your current weight and multiply it by 14, this will give you your daily necessary calories.

If you are a kinda active, multiply your weight by 17. And if you’re active, do your calculations by 20.

Now if you are looking to shed 1 pound a week by dieting, eat 500 calories much less per day. For most of us, that is quite easy.

You just need to give up on something that you usually have every day that has high calories. We all have them in our fridges and kitchens.

Enhance your physical activity:

Above you learned how you can shed a pound a week by cutting out 500 calories per day, so if you want to lose 2 pounds a week, you must also be escalating your physical activity so that you burn an added 500 calories per day.

Believe it or not, it is easy to burn an extra 500 calories per day.

For many of us just mowing the lawn for one hour can burn 500 or more calories.

Adding an hour of brisk walking each day or playing your preferred sport will expend your 500 calories.

But never stop there, add far more movement all day long.

If your desk is ten feet away from your printer and your printing 5 pages, don’t wait until they are all completed, pick them up a single by 1.

Discover basic approaches to force your body to move.

Weight Training:

Add light hand weights to your cardio exercise. Just 1-five pound weights can make a major impact on how much fat you can burn for the duration of your physical activities and the elevated muscle size will need additional calories during the day than fat will so you burn each day.

When I talk about muscles I am not talking about large muscles, just a slight increase will make a large distinction in your calorie usage.

Now the subsequent time you come across oneself listening to an individual complain about their sluggish metabolism you can tell them to put down the Danish cookies, get off their butt, grab their hand weights and get moving.

That’s how they can turn on their metabolism-boosting switch naturally.

Six Practical Tips To Dropping Weight Fast


The number of persons who are overweight is steadily increasing in the United States of America.

An epidemic of weight gain has been caused by sedentary lifestyles and nearly unrestricted access to substantial amounts of meals (mostly unhealthy ones).

So is it doable to drop weight quickly and effortlessly without getting to resort to tablets, surgery or dangerous procedures that could lead to harming your body and your well-being?

The answer is yes if you are ready to make some uncomplicated adjustments to your daily routine.

There are quite a few great strategies to shed weight with improved nutrition and fitness. Right here are six of them and more you will be getting in the blog section of this website.

Tip 1: Do Exercise That You Love Doing

At this point in your weight loss journey, you know you cannot do it without exercise. No matter how little you can do. You have you put in something.

Don’t think you are too fat, that you cannot work out.

There are exercise programs for extremely fat people that can get you started.

Later on, I can show you in a blog post how you can start slow in a treadmill and increase your workout program gradually while you see positive results at the same time.

Tip 2: Keep Off Fried Food

You should know this part already. But in case you don’t, I will say it again. Stay away from fried foods They are not good for you. The oil content won’t help at all in the process of your weight loss.

I used to like my meat fried, but now, I have it grilled and trust me, am liking it more grilled than a friend. It tastes better and is healthier.

Tip 3: Avoid Processed Food

You see, all those foods in cans. Avoid them like that plague. You don’t need all those chemical preservatives to be deposited in your body.

In our current society, most things we find around us are processed and persevered.

As much as you cannot stay away from this 100 %, you should be cautious about how much of it you send into your system.

If you can stay away completely and have just a day in a week or a month that you give yourself the liberty to eat whatever, that would be a good start.

It will reduce greatly how much of those that you consume.

Tip 4: Eat Green and Fresh

We all know that fresh and green is the best. Why is it that we don’t get enough of it. I understand not everyone has access to the farm and can get these things easily, but then, we could still buy them the much we can.

Sometimes, all you need is a little re-adjusting to your spending habits. Scratch unhealthy spending to let in good ones.

Tip 5: Don’t Eat In A Rush, Eat Slowly

In my place, we talk about respect for food. It has to do with eating slowing and getting the taste of the food.

They say that’s how you appreciate the food and the person who made it. That doesn’t matter right now.

All we need to know is that sometimes when you eat very fast before you’d realize that you are full, you must have consumed more than you planned on eating.

Another way of regulating what you eat is by not taking or asking for too much and not getting a second-round afterward. (Don’t be Oliver Twist)

Tip 6: Set A Curfew For Eating Dinner And Live By It

I have a time curfew for my eating habits. You see, I am this kinda person that likes to nibble on something even after dinner hours.

I worked so hard in losing weight, but all seemed to no avail. But when I stopped eating late nights, I noticed results just within a couple of weeks.

I advise you to have a time set that after which you won’t eat any other things until morning. Mine is 8 pm and I think it would be pretty late to set yours anything beyond that.

Sometimes, you’ll get hungry in the middle of the night, that’s the id you are the type that stays up pretty late like me.

When I get hungry at night, I try to fill my tummy with just water and on some rare occasions, I eat some fruits. Just a little at a time.

Why some of the tips I have revealed here might be new and scary to you, they work. I have tried and tested them first hand and I got pretty good results from doing the above. So I suggest you give it a try.

Should You Consider Supplements?


In most cases, consuming correct meals and exercising routinely is not enough to give you the exact amount or proportions of nutrients you need to stay healthy and build muscles, so it becomes important to take supplements.

There are some alternatives.

We love all-natural supplement items which are made to induce quicker metabolism to fast track the course of action of weight loss.

It would not hurt to discover diverse possibilities. The natural ones are all almost risk-free.


Stated above are the options that you have towards archiving better health and losing those extra pounds.

Look your dream self, have your dream body, and be proud of that look.

Being healthy (eating good, exercising good, etc.) is directly proportional to living a long fulfilled life.

Don’t ever forget that.