The Best Deer Antler Spray Ratings – Make a Wise Buying Decision Today

There are many manufacturers of deer antler velvet supplements in the market, from capsules to liquids, to powders and tinctures.

They all differ in their actions, efficacy, and ability to produce the effects and results we seek, but the best deer antler spray should be able to deliver substantial gains in the gym, without significant side effects.

There are several factors, to consider in selecting a deer antler velvet supplement, but, foremost, one should select the supplement that contains the maximum amount of viable constituents.

Capsules and powders are easy to measure if there are no added fillers, but sprays, liquid extracts, and tinctures are much more difficult to determine, especially if one does not immediately know the ratios, servings, and potency.

Also, ensure that the product isn’t clunked together with several added ingredients.

Especially if there are preservatives like citric acid and potassium sorbate, flavorings, or odd somethings, like Aloe Vera.

Deer antler spray is a legal, natural supplement that enhances the body’s inherent ability to grow lean muscle and recover from injury.

It does this through the delivery of a powerful growth factor, IGF-1, commonly found both in live deer antlers and in human blood, and a user has some choices when deciding on which product to buy.

Purity, efficacy, and additional ingredients are all important factors to consider since they separate the best deer antler sprays from less effective ones.

The popularity of Deer Antler Spray

Deer antler extracts have been used in Chinese medicine for as many as thousands of years. Most of its benefits were used up to 150 BC, and are the same reasons that they are used today.

The general health and vitality of the body, bone, and healthy muscle and the improvement of sexual health are the key benefits.

The IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) is the principal component in the extract which creates these effects, and can work in the following ways:

  • Anabolic muscle and bone growth since the hormone causes rapid cell division, which produces lean muscle growth and strong bones, even after injuries.
  • A faster metabolism is the hormone that generates a higher rate of cell metabolism, which results in muscle resistance and energy.
  • Stimulation of the sexual response as the hormone has the ability to stimulate the production of myosin. This is an important component of men’s erectile function and nervous pleasure. IGF-1 also activates estrogen receptors. Estrogens create reproductive health in women and the formation of bones in men.
  • It is also used by people with muscular and bone wasting and decay, such as arthritis patients to enhance production, growth, and regrowth.

Source of Deer Antler

In order to collect concrete extracts from deer, the tips of the crop of the antler must be cut from deer or the antlers that have recently fallen naturally.

deer image

While the antlers continue to form, they are covered with a vascular skin that looks and feels like velvet tissue.

Deer creates new antlers every year, and their lives are not threatened by the removal or trimming of it.

The sources of antler extract are14 countries that practice and have deer farming industries, with the best deer antler spray believed to come from New Zealand, which has a very well developed deer industry and nearly 2 million deer living in farms.

Checking the nation of origin of the animal is one of the first and most important considerations when choosing a deer antler spray, with Russia, Taiwan, and Korea all having deer farming industries.

However, the humane treatment of animals and rigorous quality standards seen in the West may not be practiced in these countries.

Other Ingredients in Deer Antler Sprays

Some branded deer antler sprays on the market add additional herbal components to their product.

This is to increase its efficacy and may be geared toward a specific goal, such as to intensely target men’s sexual health or muscular development.

These other natural supplements include:

  • Tongkat Ali Root, which is a well-known root and a method to increase testosterone in men. As a result, it has a reputation for nourishing sexual desire and resistance.
  • Extract from horny goat weeds: There is no fist in the name of this herb, which is actually an ancient Chinese remedy to increase libido, specifically in men.
  • Tribulus Terrestris extract– This is one of the earliest examples of an organic fruit that has been used to cure impotence for numerous generations.


Even though deer antler sprays have become very popular in bodybuilding communities, there are still not many options for consumers, as we still have few vendors like Amazon, GNC, and BioAntler Sources.

However, the best deer antler spray vendors will have complete, informative labeling as to product contents, and you must insist on this information before supplementing with any growth hormone.

By doing the research and making an informed choice, it’s possible to experience excellent gains in muscle strength, injury recovery, and stamina enhancement from using one of these products.

The added bonus of improved sexual health, bolstered by the addition of libido-enhancing herbs, will also be a good thing for many men.


Best Deer Antler Spray

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