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These days, you can buy just about anything you want online from domestic as well as international sources, and getting deer antler spray for sale is no exception. We are going to look into how to buy Deer Antler Spray Online!

Individuals who are interested in muscle gains, improved sexual health, and overall boosts to immunity may be looking to buy deer antler spray online, and when looking to buy, most of us take some time to access reviews, explore options and compare pricing.

It’s important to consider a number of factors when looking for deer antler spray for sale online, or any dietary or nutritional supplement for that matter.

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Deer Antler Velvet Spray for Sale

The number one reason that people buy deer antler spray is to boost workout performance and muscle growth, and there is often an implication that deer antler spray is a legal steroid.

However, deer antler spray is not a steroid and is not artificially created in a lab.

The deer extract products are natural and are harvested from the growing antlers of live deer, antelope, and elk.

When growing, the antlers of these animals are coated in velvet, a soft fur loaded with the growth factor IGF-1.

Thus, one of the most potent components of deer antler spray is the IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor, a form of growth hormone.

IGF-1 acts similarly to insulin, hence its name, but instead of serving as an energy transporter in the body’s cells, IGF-1, manufactured by the liver, accelerates growth and the development of the cells.

Currently, a number of increasingly popular supplements are marketed in the market to increase testosterone levels, improve energy and promote muscle building, strength, and endurance, but only some of these products include deer antler spray, which is marketed for its ability to increase testosterone levels, improve weight loss, increase muscles, and increase vitality.

IGF-1 has previously been considered a difficult compliment since it is sensitive to digestive acids.

However, the arrival of deer antler spray causes the growth factor to be possible through sublingual capillaries (under the tongue)

Deer Extract Spray and Sexual Performance

Male deer antlers have been associated with symbols of virility, power and masculine strength in popular culture.

This connection was made explicit from the initial Chinese medicine, which used moles in slices and grounded extract to promote sexual potency.

Buy Deer Antler Spray Online

It is believed that deer’s spray activates a contractile protein called myosin, which enhances sexual health both for men and women.

It is thought that spraying is an aphrodisiac, increasing nervous sensitivity, and has also been offered as a cure for men’s erectile dysfunction, but the research is very limited.

Today, many men buy deer antler spray as an alternative to pharmaceutical medications like Viagra, but Scientific research on deer antler velvet is very limited, and research in humans is even more limited.

More research studies need to be done to determine the full effects that deer antler spray may have in humans, but at this time the FDA has not yet approved deer antler spray as a drug to prevent or treat any conditions, not even sexual.

Deer Antler Extract Considerations and Prices

Given that the supplement should be carefully collected from live animals, which are taken care of throughout the year in farms, it is not surprising that the extracts cost more than the typical vitamin supplements.

When it comes to the best deer antler spray for sale, online or off, your first step should be to review ingredients and know what those ingredients are and the effect they can have on the body.

After taking safety considerations under advisement, you’ll then want to compare other aspects of any deer antler spray product like price and efficacy.

A number of traditional stores, as well as online sites, offer deer antler velvet for sale. But with so many products out there, how do you know which one will be most effective?

The following brands and manufacturers offer deer antler spray for sale:

  • Piping Rock
  • Nutronics
  • GNC
  • AntlerX
  • Organic Merchants
  • Lucky Vitamin

Most quality antler spray products retail for about $50 for a one month supply, with the price expected to come down when purchasing more than one bottle at a time.

In pill form, prices tend to come down by $10 to $20 for a month’s supply.

However, the pill forms of all growth factors have been revealed to be wholly ineffective, since all growth factors within the pills are rendered ineffective or destroyed when it comes into contact with normal stomach acids.


When you want to buy deer antler spray, it is important to verify in which country it is produced.

The best-established deer extract industry is in New Zealand, a nation that is also proud of dealing with humane animal’s treatment. With nearly 2 million deer uprooted, the humane treatment of animal and animal products goes hand in hand.

Before you buy, it is important to review manufacturing standards as well as harvesting procedures that ensure deer or other animals that grow antlers (elk, moose, and caribou) are not injured or harmed during the harvesting of velvet, from which the spray is made.

Also, labels should legally specify the country of origin on the label.

In searching for the best spray to buy, you may come across those that contain one or two ingredients, while others contain up to half a dozen or more.

A number of herbal products are sometimes combined with deer antler spray to enhance benefits.

Furthermore, some brands contain up to 3,000 ng of IGF-1 while others can contain up to 10,000 ng, and dosage recommendations can vary as well; from two sprays sublingually, taken three times daily, or up to five times a day.

You can find a number of resources for deer antler spray for sale, but always choose quality over price, and don’t get caught up in marketing hype.

Access reviews and feedback from verified purchasers, and know the company you are buying from.

In conclusion, it is wise that you know what you are paying for.

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