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You might have heard about IGF-1, and maybe looking for more information before buying it.

Funny thing is that if you look online you will find a couple of different websites selling “peptides” but in reality, the peptides they are selling are not authentic pharmaceutical grade and will have no effect on your body.

Some of them will have in the fine print below their website “For scientific research studies only” which is another way of telling you that it is not the actual pharmaceutical grade IGF1 that works to promote muscle growth.

Before you go out and buy IGF-1 from any source, be aware of what it is, how it works in the body, and if it is effective when used for non-medical purposes such as those often found in bodybuilding circles.

About IGF-1 – Buy IGF-1 Online

IGF-1 is a prescription-only drug, much like testosterone, growth hormone, and other hormone-based medications.

In other words, it is a  growth factor, that comes in a number of forms, such as sprays, and it is recommended in a number of treatment protocols for certain hormonal deficiencies.

There are three key ways to acquire IGF-1:

  • IGF-1 injections, purchased from pharmacies with a prescription from a doctor.
  • IGF-1 purchased from the black market and underground labs.
  • Legal IGF-1 supplements like the deer antler extract.

 Legal IGF-1 Oral Sprays

A dietary supplement made from deer antler extracts is the only fully legal and unrestricted IGF-1 product for sale in the U.S.

The growing antlers of deer, elk, and antelope are rich with the same IGF-1 which naturally occurs in human beings. When taken as a spray under the tongue, IGF-1 can be supplemented without requiring an injection.

While there may still be some controversy over the effectiveness of oral sprays, these form of IGF-1 has become wildly popular in bodybuilding communities in recent times.

Deer antler extract sprays have emerged recently as one legal, safe form of IGF-1 which can be bought online at a cost ranging from $1-$2 per dosage.

The Most Cost-Effective Method for IGF-1 Supplementation

Steroids and Human growth hormones are extremely expensive even when legally prescribed. A 2-month (one-cycle) supply of anabolic steroids usually sells for upwards of $700 – $1000 dollars.

Pre-competition cycles for professional weightlifters can sell for upwards of $5000. The funny thing is that these exaggerated concentrations are considered highly risky, and illegal.

Deer antler IGF-1 sprays have a shorter cycle of 3 – 5 weeks and are reflected in its pricing.

But as a product that can be bought legally online, market controls are in place to prevent costs from spiraling, and you can buy IGF-1 in this form for approximately $50 for a 30-day supply.

IGF-1 deals and stacks are usually easy to find from reputable vendors.

Reasons to Buy IGF-1 in Deer Antler Extract Form

From all indications, commercial deer antler sprays are a better bet than the steroid and IGF supplements on international websites or street dealers.

Buyers can find reliable product information, human customer service, and U.S. safety guarantees, all of which add to the credibility of the product, and make purchases more reliable.

Deer antler velvet spray is a worthwhile form of IGF-1 that is popular in U.S. gyms for the following reasons:

  • Legal without a prescription, and you do not need a doctor’s approval or supervisions to start supplementing
  • Approved by major sporting associations, including WADA
  • Not included in steroid or IGF-1 bans
  • Used by pro athletes, as estimates put as many as 20% of NFL players use deer antler sprays regularly
  • Excellent muscle growth support
  • Boosts bone health, and also fights osteoporosis
  • Increased stamina and endurance, with an immediate effect.

Furthermore, drawing upon ancient traditions founded in Chinese medicine, deer antler velvet spray delivers IGF-1 in a form that survives digestion, without requiring a needle or a doctor’s prescription.


Anyone seeking to buy IGF-1 from any source often expects a number of positive results in return.

However, hormones are tricky, and even in the best of situations and under medical supervision, it can be difficult to get hormone balance in the body under control.

In the body, if one hormone is disrupted or becomes higher or lower than normal, it also results in an imbalanced effect on other hormone levels and functions.

When a user uses a product like IGF-1 at a time when the body doesn’t require it for medical reasons, it has the potential to cause side effects and adverse reactions.

Athletes often deride the warnings, about side effects of using anabolic androgenic steroids, growth hormone, or growth factors without a prescription, but these substances are also banned by sporting organizations around the world.

Side effects of IGF-1 can be mild and temporary or more serious and long-term. Thus, before you buy IGF-1 to boost your bodybuilding efforts or to increase performance potential, know what you need, and what to look for.

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