Carb Blocker Pills for Weight Loss – Results & Side Effects

Carb blocker pills helps people to lose weight by preventing the metabolism the carbohydrates they eat into simpler forms that can be absorbed into the body system.

The reason people take carb blocking diet pills is to assist them to regulate their appetites, lose their weight, more efficiently regulate their blood sugar, and minimize their risk factors for diabetes. These supplements are as well being investigated for their anti-cancer effects.

There are a lot of carb blocker supplements, but only those which are made up of Phaseolus vulgaris or White Kidney Bean extracts have been extensively researched.

Phaseolus vulgaris is a species of common beans which includes green beans, cannellini beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, cranberry beans and a lot of other varieties of beans. They are all legumes and are made up of a compound known as phaseolamin.

How Phaseolus vulgaris Carb Blocker Pills function

Phaseolamin-based carb blocker pills function by preventing the the actions of a digestive enzyme known as alpha amylase isoform 1 (Alpha AI1).

This enzyme is normally released by the pancreas to metabolize long-chain carbohydrate food into simpler forms as soon as it gets into the small intestines while passing through the digestive system.

When the individuals swallow the carb blocker pills, it inhibits the Alpha AI1 from exerting its effects and thus the long-chain carbs are not metabolized. As a result, they pass through to the colon without being broken down. Because they are not digested, they do not add any calorie to the body.

Appropriate use of carb blocker pill can assist individuals in their weight loss goals in a way that calorie restriction will.

A number of users report reduced appetites, better satiation with less food, weight loss and a number of other benefits.

Carb Blocker Pills

The Uses of Carb Blocker Pills

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database notes that phaseolamin-based carb blocker pills are utilized in the treatment of lung cancer, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, kidney stones, bladder stones, urinary tract infections (UTIs), obesity and weight loss. They are as well helpful as diuretic agents.

At present, the FDA has not approved White Kidney Bean extract as a drug for the treatment of any particular health condition or disease. Although the results obtained from clinical studies on weight loss are positive, the conjectured effects of the white kidney bean extract on cancer and other therapeutic uses need supplementary studies to establish the facts.

Carb Blocker Pills for Obesity and Weight Loss

A good numbers of individuals make use of carb blocker pills to assist them lose weight. Theoretically, blocking the digestion of carbohydrates stimulates the same effects as avoiding the intake of the carbs.

A number of clinical trials show that taking a phaseolamin supplement orally and appropriately can assist users to reduce their body weight and waist circumference, but no effect was created on the hip circumference.

In a particular study, treatment subjects were treated with 1000 mg doses of phaseolamin carb blocker pills three times every day for two months.

Compared to controls, average boosts were recorded about the body weight and waist circumference. The treatment participants were found to lose roughly 4.19 pounds while control participants lost roughly 0.89 pounds.

The record of loss of roughly 3 pounds of weight show that the use of a carb blocker pill  as weight loss remedy ought not be taken as the sole remedy for weight gain but need to be incorporated as a part of a weight loss plan including adequate diet, healthy lifestyle habits and  good amount of daily exercise.  That is the only way one can attain a sustainable weight loss goal.

Phaseolamin Carb Blocker Pills for Diabetes

carb blocker pills

Clinical study shows that Phaseolus vulgaris carb blocker pills can help individuals with type 2 diabetes to manage their symptoms permanently.

It was found that a number of diabetic users recorded a reduction in blood-glucose spikes, particularly after intake of carb-rich diet. Phaseolamin, thus, boost the use of glucose which in turn reduces insensitivity to insulin.

In scientific research individuals diagnosed with type 2-diabetes were treated with a blend of supplement made up of P. vulgaris, white mulberry and bilberry extracts.

It was found that swallowing15 grams of the supplement three times every day sixty days led to roughly 24.3 percent reduction in the levels of blood glucose.

A number of user reviews of carb blocking diet pill noted they were able to reverse prediabetes and type 2 diabetes symptoms and that they no longer have to use traditional medicines approved for Metabolic Syndrome.

Carb Blockers & Cholesterol

Too much build ups of triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia) and LDL cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) can result to the development of arterial plaque within circulatory vessels.

It is not attended to; this plaque makes the arteries to become clogged (atherosclerosis). This may later result to coronary artery disease, heart disease, stroke and/or death.

Daily use of Carb blocker supplements with a phaseolamin can minimize the accumulation of fats in the cells of the body and minimize the risks of suffering from cardiovascular dysfunction and disease.

One open-label study estimated the permanent effects of White Kidney Bean extract supplement on serum lipids and fecal excretion of fats.

62 overweight and obese participants were erratically classified into the treatment and the control group. Participants included 21 males and 42 females between the ages of 22 and 66.

At the end of the study which lasted for three months, the individuals in the treatment group reported a good amount of reduction in the levels of serum cholesterol while the participants in the control group did not record such change. After nine months, it was found that LDL-C dropped in addition to the levels of the total cholesterol in the treatment subjects.

The levels of triglyceride were not altered in any of the groups. It was also observed that the treated group defecated more than the control group participants.

By boosting the balance of lipid and boosting the excretion of fat through the fecal waste, phaseolamin carb blockers may assist individuals to boost their cardiovascular health, particularly in overweight and obese individuals in the long run.

Cons and side effects of Carb Blocker Pills

A minimal percentage of carb blocker capsule users witness mild and transient gastrointestinal side effects like queasiness, vomiting, diarrhea, gas and/or inflated tummy. The supplement is normally commonly properly tolerated in healthy adults.

Carb blocker capsules have not yet been specified safe for pregnant or nursing mothers. Due to the fact that they have hypoglycemic potentials, it is not recommended to be used together with antidiabetic medications and/or herbal supplements.

You must not make use of the White Kidney Bean extracts for a period of roughly 14 days before your scheduled day for a surgical operation.

Before you take the medication, seek the advice of your medical team to avoid any contraindications and risk factors connected to the use of diet pills.


Carb Blocker Pills

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