Best Carb Blocker Supplements for Diet and weight Loss

The best Carb Blocker Supplement is made up of a plant chemical known as phaseolamin; a bioactive material that is obtained in Phaseolus vulgaris leguminous plants.

This carb-blocking ingredient, phaseolamin is occasionally referred to as White Kidney Bean extract or proprietary Phase 2 Carb Controller.

It is the cab-blocking supplement in the market that has the greatest number of clinical studies conducted on its effects.

People make use of carb blockers with phaseolamin to assist them in their weight loss effort, to help them maintain healthy weight levels and minimize their possibility of being exposed to the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Carb blocking weight loss supplement can help individuals lose weight by blocking the digestion of a number of the sugars from carb-rich foods.

Carb blocking supplements may as well be made up of extra active ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, Chromium Picolinate, Cinnamon, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Parsley, and Soybean extract.

Phase 2 Carb Blockers

The comprehensive database of Natural Medicines states that there are presently two hundred and ninety-four available products that are made up of Phaseolus vulgaris extracts.

Among all these supplements, those that are made up of phase 2 extract are the best-selling supplement type.

Phase 2 carb blockers only make use of phaseolamin extracts obtained solely from white kidney bean pods. 

A number of clinical studies examining the effects of carb blockers mostly made use of products obtained from the Phase 2 group.

This supplement is found to be commonly very safe, with a low risk of side effects.

It has as well been found efficient for weight reduction, control of the size of the waist, boosting the levels of cholesterol, and the sensitivity of insulin.

A lot of other carb blocking supplements make use of a generic form of the extract known as White Kidney Bean extract.

There is yet no study conducted to compare the efficiency of the branded Phase 2 Carb Blocking supplements and the generic White Kidney Bean supplements.

Nevertheless, there may be more variety of product quality when making use of the generic version, compared to when a standardized proprietary form is used.

Because of this, it is significant to only purchase carb blocker supplements from companies that produce it under cGMP standards and carry out ingredient testing.

The Pros or Benefits of Carb Blocker Supplements

Nutrilite for noted that their Carb Blocker supplement,  may prevent the absorption of roughly 500 calories when an individual takes it together with car-rich food.

The Nutrilite carb blocker producers as well claim that their supplement assists in the inhibition of carbs, without depriving the body of the essential vitamins and minerals present in the food.

Their Carb Blocker formulation is as well avowed to assist in the inhibition of blood sugar spikes after a meal.

The Mechanism of Operation of Carb Blockers and Their Potential Weight Loss Benefits

Carb blockers are made up of Phaseolamin function by preventing the actions of a digestive enzyme known as alpha-amylase.

Alpha-amylase is the most common type of digestive enzyme in humans. It functions by breaking down alpha bonds in specific carbohydrates known as polysaccharides.

While alpha-amylase helps to break down the bonds in the molecules of these long-chain polysaccharides, they are reduced into simpler carbohydrates known as oligosaccharides.

Eventually, the oligosaccharides are additionally broken down into simple sugars such as glucose.

The simple sugar formed is immediately utilized by the body as energy or converted into glycogen and stored in the fat storage centers known as adipocytes for later use.

The best carb blockers are made up of phaseolamin. This ingredient is a natural alpha-amylase inhibitor.

Limiting the actions of alpha-amylase helps a number of long-chain carbohydrates eaten to pass through the digestive tract without being broken down into the simpler form that is either stored for further use or used straight away by the body.

They, thus, travel out of the body without being broken down or adding to the individuals’ calorific value.

Individuals make use of carb blockers to assist them to attain healthy weight levels and assist them to maintain the achieved normal weights.

A number of users report eating less and feeling full. Carb blocker, thus, boosts satiation and makes individuals eat less.

What this means is that the individual eat less and eat less frequently and some of the ingested calories are not metabolically used by the body.

Best Carb Blockers Supplements for Weight Loss

A research found that taking three 1000 mg doses of Phase 2 every day for sixty days minimizes weight gain and the size of the waist circumference.

Obese patients who were given Phase 2 in this recommended dose were found to lose 1.9 kg (4.19 pounds) of body weight compared to a .4 kg (89 pounds) average weight loss in obese patients used as control.

Initial clinical research shows that gulping one 800 mg tablet of a carb blocker known as Blokcal D106B boosts weight loss compared to the panacea control group.

This Blokcal supplement is made up of 445 mg of Phase 2 phaseolamin in addition to elemental chromium. In a 30-day trial study, treatment group patients lost roughly 6.6 pounds when placed side by side an average weight loss of 0.8 pounds in the control.

In a different human study, another Phase 2 product called Suco-Bloc was used. Each Suco-Bloc tablet contains 200 mg phaseolamin, 200 mg chicory root, and 50 mg garcinia extract.

Two Suco-Bloc tablets administered every day for a period of 12 weeks appeared to minimize body weight by roughly 3.5 kilograms or 7.72 pounds.

It was also found to decrease BMI (body mass index) by 1.3 kilograms/m2. The percentage of body fat was as well minimized by 2.3 percent.

All variables in individuals that are in the control group were not changed from the value of the baseline levels.

Metabolic Health and Carb Blockers

Initial clinical studies show that gulping a mixture of haseolamin, bilberry, and white mulberry may minimize the levels of blood glucose.

In a 2-month study that involved individuals with type 2 diabetes given three 15-gram doses every day, the participants were found to record a 24.3 percent reduction of the levels of blood glucose.

A preliminary study found that the extract of P. vulgaris blended with carob extracts may assist to reduce the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. In individuals who are obese, it may as well assist to boost the amount of fat defecated.

Specific types of carb blockers may as well assist to minimize the levels of triglycerides and reduce their chances of forming arterial plaque.

The Cons, Side Effects, and Interactions of Carb Blocker

A number of users of Phaseolus vulgaris carb blocker do not experience any form of adverse effects.

In uncommon situations, users may feel the urge to vomit temporarily nausea, bloating, gassiness, diarrhea, tummy ache, and constipation.

Avoid gulping in a large number of raw bean pods. They are made up of a specific lectin known as phytohaemagglutinin which may result in purging, diarrhea, nausea, and/or intestinal inflammation also known as gastroenteritis.

Carb blocker supplements that contain phaseolamin exert hypoglycemic effects.

This implies that they may lead to the reduction of the levels of blood glucose.

You must be extra cautious when medications or herbal supplements have hypoglycemic effects especially if you are diabetic.

A few common prescription medications which have hypoglycemic effects are insulin, Humulin, NovoLog, FlexPen, and Glucotrol.

A number of herbal supplements that have hypoglycemic effects are devil’s claw, horse chestnut, fenugreek, garlic, ginseng, and psyllium.


Using the best carb blockers can boost your weight loss goals.

However, they should not be looked at as first choice tactics for weight control or other therapeutic uses.

Carb blockers temporarily block the digestion of starchy foods and this way leads to a few health benefits like a boost of dietary fiber and restricting your calorie intake.

Carb blockers’ function is best experienced when it is taken together with healthy meals and a good daily exercise regimen.

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