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Reviews on Citrulline malate for lean muscle mass gains showed that this supplement can have benefits for bodybuilding and athletic performance, as well as positive effects on energy, weight loss, and sexual performance.

Sometimes, the muscles burn out and refuse to cooperate, other times, they are simply too sore from previous workouts.

However, the pre-workout supplement, citrulline malate, can save the day.

Citrulline Malate is a compound consisting of Citrulline, which is a nonessential amino acid that is primarily found in melons, and Malate, an apple derivative.

Citrulline Malate has been used by European clinicians who have reported results of increased energy and overall feelings of well-being.

Citrulline Malate is known to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. It also helps buffer acid as well as ammonia.

Recent medicinal uses of citrulline malate include treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s, erectile dysfunction, heart failure, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, and more.

The main benefit of citrulline malate, however, is its ability to reduce muscle soreness by 40%, and also helps to reduce fatigue from prolonged workouts

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What Does Citrulline Malate do?

Citrulline is not widely abundant in our daily diet, however, it plays a vital role in many important biological processes, as shown below:

Increased Nitric Oxide Production

Citrulline malate plays a role in regulating Nitric Oxide (NO).

The sports nutrition industry has been recently flooded with nitric oxide potentiating products comprised of L-Arginine and other Arginine salts, which have been the most cost-effective manner in improving nitric oxide function.

It is well known in the scientific community that L-Arginine is a substrate for the production of Nitric Oxide, as well as serves as a catalyst for other metabolic reactions including its effects on insulin, hormones, and creatine synthesis.

Reduces Lactic Acid and Ammonia

L-citrulline is an intermediate in the urea cycle, along with L-ornithine and L-arginine.

The biochemical reactions convert ammonia into urea, and lactic acid is released as a byproduct of the arginine urea cycle.

Accumulations of lactic acid and ammonia cause changes in intramuscular pH levels, which when acidic (muscular acidosis), contractility is diminished, and muscular weakness and fatigue result.

Reviews of Citrulline malate show that it helps to clear ammonia and lactic acid out of the system.

Routine supplementation with citrulline malate has been associated with the following:

  • Help to increase growth hormone levels after physical activity
  • Decreasing onset times and severity of delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Upregulating nitric oxide production and stimulating vasodilation.
  • It helps with the body’s elimination of nitrogenous substances.
  • Subduing insulin spikes after workouts
  • Improve amino acids usage during exercise sessions
  • Enable more speedy recoveries from intense workouts

Increases ATP and Phosphocreatine Recovery

Another study showed that Citrulline Malate can benefit athletes by increasing aerobic energy production.

Studies show subjects using Citrulline Malate have an increase in the rate of muscle production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the major energy source within the cell.

So taking Citrulline Malate may result in muscles that can keep on going and smashing the aerobic threshold.

These effects are more than likely mediated by the malate portion of the Citrulline Malate compound, which is a Krebs cycle intermediary.

Citrulline Malate Reviews for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, ED is marked by the inability to achieve and maintain firm erections, often caused by restricted blood flow to the corpus cavernosum.

The Corpus cavernosum are the shafts inside a penis that fill with blood when sexual stimuli occur. When blood can no longer enter these shafts, erections become less possible.

Citrulline malate reviews show that it works to increase erection hardness in men with mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunctional problems.

It does not act as strongly as inhibitors like Viagra and Levitra and is not associated with multiple serious side effects potentials, which include rage, hearing loss, stroke, and testicular cancer, of the named inhibitors.

Citrulline malate is a natural substance. This means it is not associated with any serious adverse effects.


Reviews on Citrulline malate show that routine supplementation can yield various benefits, with the majority of its positive effects coming from its capability to indirectly upregulate nitric oxide synthesis and availability.

Using citrulline malate supplements in conjunction with antihypertensive medications is not recommended.

Also, using citrulline malate supplements in conjunction with PDE-5 inhibitors and blood pressure medications can increase risks for excessive drops in blood pressure (hypotension).

Always speak with a doctor before beginning any supplementation, in order to be sure that citrulline malate is safe for you.

Make sure the doctor or medical expert understands your health history.

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