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Citrulline malate benefits include to raise blood levels of Arginine and to increase Nitric Oxide and Growth Hormone synthesis. It is a supplemental formulation of L-citrulline with malic acid added.

L-citrulline is a form of citrulline, which is a non-essential amino acid.

This means you don’t necessarily have to get it from foods because the body can produce it as needed.

On the other hand, essential amino acids must be obtained from the diet because the body has no way to produce them.

Physiologically speaking, citrulline plays a key role in the Urea Cycle, which is the process that the body utilizes to eliminate toxic byproducts of digesting protein and generating cellular energy.

These waste products are converted into a substance called urea, which is expelled from the body through the urine and sweat.

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Citrulline Malate for Energy & Muscle Growth

Bodybuilders and strength training athletes use citrulline malate to make the most of their training results.

In one randomized, counterbalanced, double-blind experiment, the effects of citrulline malate on heart rate, blood lactate, blood pressure, and exercise performance were studied.

Twelve advanced resistance-trained adult males participated in multiple resistance exercises for the lower body.

They were randomly assigned to either a placebo group or a treatment group receiving 8 grams of citrulline malate daily.

All the participants engaged in 5 sequential sets of leg press, hack squat and leg extension movements, and the exercises were repeated to failure at 60% of a 1-repetition maximum lift weight.

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and blood lactate levels were monitored and measured before and after the exercises were performed.

The study concluded that citrulline malate supplementation can be beneficial to exercise performance capacities, especially in men experienced in resistance training.

L-Citrulline Improves Heart Health

Arteries are blood vessels that convey oxygenated blood throughout the vital parts of the body.

Arteries naturally contract and expand to control blood pressure, and it is vital that they retain their ability to do this because if they get too stiff and rigid or blocked, it can result in a heart attack.

Nitric oxide plays a key role in maintaining arterial health and function, and anything that boosts nitric oxide levels can help keep our arteries working the way that they should. Research shows that L-citrulline can do just that.

Furthermore, citrulline has also been shown to reduce blood pressure, which is another key factor in overall heart health.

Citrulline Malate for Sexual Function

Being a nitric oxide booster, citrulline is also taken to support sexual performance, libido, and fertility.

L-citrulline can function as a natural phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor, which is largely responsible for the onset of symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.

xErectile dysfunction often results because blood cannot be efficiently distributed to the corpus cavernosum shafts.

Corpus cavernosum shafts are inside the penis and fill with blood on stimulation to produce erections.

Citrulline malate can act to relax the smooth muscle tissues that surround the entrance to corpus cavernosum shafts, through a process called vasodilation.

Vasodilation opens and expands the vessels that supply blood to the penis, as well as numerous other tissues, organs, and cavities.

Citrulline Reduces Free Radical Damage

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that can cause damage to cells in the body, through chemical reactions.

Free radicals play a vital role in certain basic physiological processes necessary for life.

However, excessive amounts have been associated with aging, and age-dependent diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and other chronic conditions.

Daily life activities inevitably result in the production of free radicals, and intense exercise places the body under large amounts of stress, resulting in spikes production of free radicals as well.

Studies show that citrulline malate helps the body better deal with the exercise-induced uptick in free radical production by priming immune cells and reducing the number of free radicals produced while working out.


Citrulline malate supplementation works without causing adverse effects when used orally and appropriately and may promote improvements in athletic performance and physical energy levels.

There are possibilities for interactions between citrulline malate supplements and drugs or other supplements that can lower blood pressure.

Simultaneous usage is not recommended with nitrates, PDE-5 inhibitors, or high blood pressure medications.

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