Deer Antler Liquid – What You Need to Know

Deer antler liquid is controversial because it contains IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor-1, which is banned by WADA as a performance-enhancing drug, and by many professional sports leagues.

WADA’s restriction on deer antler spray was subsequently overturned when the regulatory body determined that the substance contained only petty amounts of IGF-1.

But even at that, a shocking number of professional athletes still believe in the stuff, which they use as an alternative to the steroid, to improve muscle strength or boost energy.

The deer antler velvet has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, often prescribed to improve renal function, promote blood flow, and treat various diseases, according to the Ethnopharmacology newspaper.

Sportspersons and bodybuilders in the Western world use this natural substance to build muscle and enhance endurance.

IGF-1 is a protein that makes children grow and is naturally found in the human body.

In theory, building up the levels of IGF-1 in the system could potentially increase the number of cells with the ability to generate new muscle after exercise-induced injury.

This means you can heal and get stronger at a faster rate.

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Deer Antler Liquid for Qi, Yin, and Yang Energy

deer antler liquid

The use of deer’s antler fluid goes back a while longer, before the onset of Western medicine.

In ancient Chinese traditions, the welfare of the body and mind was conceived as related to the flow of energy.

The supplements were collected from natural sources such as herbs, insects, and animal flesh and were taken to erase the paths that this energy traveled, known as meridians.

The main types of energy, Qi, Yin, and Yang, were thought to be balanced by supplements, including the dehydrated deer velvet extract.

Today, these concepts can be translated into common goals and general well-being and can boost overall vitality, increase muscle strength, and improve sexual health.

Use of Deer Antler Liquid Tonics

It is unknown when the practice began, although there are written tests that go back at least to 168 B.C. of its prevalence in Chinese medicine.

Antlers from live animals were clipped or broken off, and the use of antlers from recently deceased animals was also tolerable.

This material was cut slightly and was lightly powdered and eaten, or gelatin was applied and applied to the skin for cases of acne, eczema, or meat wounds.

The extract was often combined with ginseng, epimedium, and cynomorium for use as a sexual stimulant.

However, the primary use of antler products was to tone up or strengthen the vital energy of the body and mind, Qi.

Also, some deer’s liquid dyes were taken to balance the opposing force of yin and yang in the body. This broad concept could cover more practical ideas such as heat and cold, energy, and rest.

Qi (vital energy): Boosts metabolism, ability to perform an aerobic activity like running for longer periods of time, a better heart condition, and maintenance of blood sugar levels

Yin (restful, restorative, cooling): gives better sleep and more natural sleep cycles (the partner of good exercise), more stable foundation (bone health), wound healing

Yang (energetic, warming): Increased libido, sexual arousal, sexual stamina, curing of erectile dysfunction, greater muscle power and strength, fast-growing muscle, increased fat burning

Deer Velvet Liquid – A Modern Approach to Vitality

Modern Western medical care cannot use terms such as qi, yin, and yang to describe body conditions.

But in recent years, global awareness of the many natural components of welfare has been a major acceptance of the need for holistic solutions to health problems, and whether you want to increase “yang energy” or “muscle energy”, it is valuable to take advantage of all available natural support.

This includes organic growth factors found both in the human body and in animal life.


For now, the only safe and legal way to supplement growth hormones is through the deer velvet spray, one of the most interesting and effective ways to overcome the gap between old medical techniques and current concerns about global health, and the development of deer antler liquid is a response to these concerns.

By formulating the antler extract in a liquid meant to be sprayed under the tongue, it is possible to send IGF-1 directly into the bloodstream, evading the stomach and digestive system’s acids that render the hormone ineffective.

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