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The Deer Antler Plus is a muscle-building supplement that is designed to promote muscle growth and increase muscle mass.

It is said that Deer Antler Plus’s muscular supplement promotes strength and muscle strength that will help lift heavier weights or better workouts.

It is said that Antler deer plus help accelerate the recovery of any injury or muscle damage, and also helps with the increase in libido as well as improves athletic performance.

In addition, it is said that the product promotes body health in general, such as the immune system and the skeletal system.

The Deer Antler Plus supplement is manufactured by the company, Natural Products Association.

This is even as the manufacturers claim that their product is mainly naturally based and is said to have been clinically proven and researched on to ensure that it is both safe and effective for its users.

Deer Antler Plus

Deer Antler Plus is a bodybuilding supplement that features deer antler extract in its formulation Velvet grows in the antlers of young male deer.

It is a soft and cartilage substance that grows on the antler-like a hose, which eventually, turns to hardened bone. Deer shed and re-grow their antlers on an annual basis in a cycle that coincides with their mating season.

The Antler Plus deer is composed of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and androgens (male enhancements of testosterone), growth factors and amino acids.

Deer Antler Plus is composed of the main ingredient known as Elk Anter Velvet in 250mg and is an ingredient that has been thoroughly investigated in Russia, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, and New Zealand.

The deer antler velvet is a growth hormone known as IGF-1 / Insulin Growth Hormone that acts as an essential building of proteins, creating a matrix that helps to promote the growth of the cells.

It also increases the production of new cells in the array.

This helps accelerate the recovery of damage to cartilage, tendons, and muscles.

Currently, this same material is considered a very powerful way of stimulating permanent muscle mass and growth of the bones.

It is so powerful that the FDA has prohibited the use of IGF-1 products without the prescription of a doctor.

There also exists a booming black market economy for IGF-1, as well as other synthetic growth hormones, such as steroids.

Many heavy built men and other athletes inject these substances directly into the muscle, to achieve big gains of work, quickly.

Recently, manufacturers began to market the spray (aerosols) of ancient deer and drops as a legal and safe alternative to complement IGF-1.

Deer Antler Plus is one of the latest product iterations.

The Ingredients List of Deer Antler Plus

The Deer Antler Plus is made up of the main ingredient known as Deer Antler Velvet, and other ingredients used in the formulation of the supplement include:

  • Thiamin – 1mg,
  • Riboflavin – 1mg,
  • Niacin- 1mg,
  • Vitamin B6 – 1mg,
  • Folic Acid-1mg,
  • Vitamin B12-1mcg,
  • Biotin – 1mg,
  • Pantothenic Acid – 1mg and
  • Zinc -15mg.

Then there is;

  • 110mg of Nettle Root Powder,
  • 70mg of Oriental Ginseng (root),
  • 50mg of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins,
  • 25mg of Cnidium Monnieri,
  • 25mg of Saw Palmetto (extract),
  • 1mg of Inositol,
  • 1mg of Choline (Bitartrate) and 1 mg of PABA.

Other ingredients would be gelatin, whey, magnesium stearate, and stearic acid.

These additional herbs may be employed to improve antler extract’s noted sexual health benefits.

The Advantages of Deer Antler Plus

deer antler plus

The Deer Antler Plus supplement may help with the following benefits: –

  • Speed up muscle recovery
  • Boost the production of energy
  • Increase muscle endurance
  • Enhanced the development of muscles
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Helps curtail the effects of inflammation

The Cons of Deer Antler Plus is that the supplement is not sold in retail stores.

Growth hormones are well known. If supplemented as a dietary ingredient, they are destroyed by the hard acids that the stomach releases to digest foods. This means that taking an oral growth hormone pill will have no effect at all.

The only way to effectively consume deer antler extract is in the form of liquid spray or mister, which can be dissolved under the tongue.

In this way, the digestion in the stomach is not a problem because the ingredients omit this step and enter the circulation directly.


The supplement of the Deer Antler Plus muscle building is a product that offers benefits of a muscle supplement, and the ingredients of the supplement seem quite located, and even more, they provide all the ingredients plus their doses.

It is natural and it significantly reduces the risk of side effects. It is tested and has been clinically proven to help grow hair naturally.

Deer antler extracts are a promising and viable source of growth factor that can improve muscle strength, speed up muscle building, and provide support to joints and bones.

However, the Deer Antler Plus product may not be the best supplement to deliver these effects, since the pill format of the product renders it ineffective, as growth hormone is widely understood to be destroyed by stomach acids during digestion.

Thus, it is recommended that you try a deer antler extract spray instead, as this spray is known to deliver active ingredients directly to the blood.

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