Deer Antler Spray – Buyer’s Guide

Deer velvet antler is claimed to be a tonic that restores balance to the body, with over 400 active ingredients in it which have an effect on many-body systems.

The ingredients of deer velvet antler are precursors of the substances used by the body for a wide variety of health remedies and health maintenance purposes, as it is believed that the velvet antler is effective as an anti-inflammatory, anticancer, immune stimulant, and an agent that promotes growth.

Modern scientific research indicates that deer antler velvet extract can improve general health, increase blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, increase energy and endurance, increase muscle development, improve joint health, increase muscle recovery and improve sexual health.

Virtually 250 publications have been published in Russia, Korea, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, about the manufacture, composition, and biochemical effect of deer antler velvet.

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The Deer Antler

Animals such as deer and antelope grow antlers as a potential weapon to fight other animal attackers, as well as attract peers with strong visual evidence, with the antlers simply being additional cartilage that stretches from the bone skull to the outside to elaborate shapes.

The antlers grow rapidly due to the high levels of certain growth factors, and within a few weeks, the soft cartilage solidifies in a bony hard material, thanks to growth hormones that cross a layer of soft skin.

All deer spray for sale is first created by cutting the tips of these new anchoring growths.

The velvet substance is removed and frozen to obtain a subsequent extraction.

The Perfect Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for deer antler spray for sale, it’s important to weigh product quality as well as price, since not all deer antler extract products are the same.

The mentioned objectives of these products are similar: to enhance muscle strength, superior resistance, enhancement of sexual impulse, and general support to immunity.

However, the differences in the manufacturing technique and the country of origin of the active ingredients can make the difference between an effective and a bad product.

An important question for the buyer is: “Where is the spray of the deer antler made?”

While 14 nations, including the United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, have large commercial deer farms, the most developed culture can be found in New Zealand.

The deer farms in New Zealand are known for their humane treatment of animals, as well as for the purity of the harvested anchoring product.

Deer usually receives a light local anesthetic before the tips of their antlers are trimmed.

Deer creates new annual sets, and their health is not compromised when parts of their antlers are removed.

Additional ingredients to Deer Antler Spray

Some manufacturers like AntlerX or Deer Antler Plus add more ingredients to their deer antler spray for sale, in order to increase the efficiency of a particular property or simply obtain a marketing advantage.

The vast majority of extractive products are marketed to bodybuilders, and they present images of tonic and muscular physics in their advertising.

Many of these products will bring caffeine to the list of ingredients to create a sensation of natural energy to the user, which can be incorrectly attributed to the antler extract.

Other products may include sweeteners to improve the taste.

In some cases, beneficial herbs will be added that complement the ingredients of the deer velvet extract.

A typical example is the BioAntler product that combines several natural supplements for sexual health and immunity in its mixture, such as the Chinese virility herb Horny Goat Weed, the amino acid L-Arginine and the root extract Tongkat Ali aphrodisiac elevator of testosterone.

Reviews of Deer Antler Spray for Sale

Below are some of the most sold spray of the deer antler extract on the market:

  • CNC Deer Spray Antler: This spray can sometimes be found at a discount price, but no information is given about sources of ingredients or quality.
  • BioAntler: this is a high-quality spray that incorporates deer antlers in New Zealand along with various herbal ingredients to improve immunity and sexual function.
  • Nutronics Labs Deer Antler Spray: One of the first deer antler spray that reaches the market.
  • Creative Concept Labs Deer Antler Velvet: This standard bodybuilding formula has received good reviews from the weightlifting community.
  • Velvet fawn antler spray – This basic complement of deer and hyaluronic acid is more oriented towards benefits against aging and weight loss.
  • Vitalast New Vigor: this product is marketed exclusively as a support supplement for sexual enhancement. It is delivered in the form of an oral pill, of which research has suggested that it is not an effective delivery method for IGF-1.


As with all holistic health supplements, it is important to understand what the ingredients of each product are, how they are supposed to work, and what the community online thinks about the product in reviews.

In compliance with these conditions, it is possible to safely and creatively explore the benefits of the most recent supplements for their total physical condition.

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Buyer’s Guide, Deer Antler Spray

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