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IGF-1 is the only natural supplement known to man that is steroid-free, and sure to increase the muscular size of athletes.

IGF-1 stops the muscle breakdown while, of course, it burns fat. There has never been a supplement that builds muscles and improves recovery quite like it.

Deer antler spray for bodybuilding is getting a lot of attention these days and is supposedly packed with components that are full of health benefits.

These include boosting the immune system, providing effective muscle growth and development, enhancing sexual libido, and treating a number of issues for overall wellbeing.

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This ecological remedy can be a safe and effective alternative to the use of anabolic steroids.

Many men want to experience the dramatic gains attributed to the use of steroids, but they do not want to risk terrible side effects, not to mention breaking the law on banned substances.

Deer Antler Spray For Body Building and the Gym

deer antler for bodybuilding

The hormone content of deer antler spray, which is the IGF-1 has profound effects not just on the development of deer antlers, but also on human muscle, and that is what gives the product its transformative power in the gym.

IGF-1 is a protein composed of more than 70 amino acids and is responsible for promoting the division of the cells that produce muscle growth.

The growth hormone activity is stressed in the blood, allowing the liver to synthesize it more easily. IGF-1 has strong anabolic qualities, which is how we describe the process of converting the tissue into new muscle.

IGF-1 is an important part of the muscle growth process, and when fed with calories and proteins from the diet, micro-tears of muscle fiber (such as those caused by the lifting of heavyweights) are repaired and reinforced by IGF-1, which allows the muscle tissue to grow larger than before the tear.

By using the spray, you increase the amount of IGF-1 in the blood, and unlike steroids, which must be injected to avoid destruction by stomach acids, IGF-1 can potentially be delivered sublingually in the form of deer antler spray.

Some of the IGF-1 Benefits include:

  • Helps to promote more energy, resistance, and endurance
  • Helps to support weight loss due to a faster metabolism
  • Helps to alleviate discomfort and increase mobility
  • Supports a higher bone density, and greater strength
  • Helps to improve resistance training (such as altitude training)
  • Helps to improve the joint health of the power lift
  • Helps to improve the recovery from intense training
  • Helps build the definition and muscle maturity
  • Help reduce belly fat without loss of lean muscle
  • It acts as an amino acid supplement that includes other 20 main amino acids

Is Deer Antler a Form of Steroid?

It is important to emphasize that the use of deer antler spray for bodybuilding is not the same as the use of steroids.

Steroids are synthetic and are created in a laboratory to artificially increase the levels of testosterone and create anabolic muscle growth, while the deer antler is a natural hormone that is found in the human body.

Steroids, when injected, are considered very strong, very dangerous, and highly addictive, and can even create severe hormonal imbalances, which can shrink testes, generate abnormal organ growth, and lead to cancerous tumors, while deer antler spray is considered a more organic way to achieve muscle gains and support bone health.

With the use of deer antler, side effects are limited and are mostly connected to estrogen sensitivity in women, and men rarely reporting any side effects connected with its use.


The best resource for determining the effectiveness of deer antler spray for bodybuilding is still the general public. The weightlifting forums have hundreds of threads dedicated to the use of growth factors, including deer spray.

Formal scientific studies on the product have not been conclusive or extensive at this time, and a 10-week informal study, sponsored by CNBC, confirmed muscle gains for men who used the spray, in comparison to those who used a placebo.

Always be aware that the effectiveness of any supplement also relies on a number of factors including age, weight, exercise level, and intensity, diet, and general lifestyle of individuals.

To date, few side effects or adverse reactions are associated with the use of deer antler spray for bodybuilders or others, as long as the usage is under recommendations principles and short-term use.

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