Deer Antler Spray From GNC – Top sports nutrition company in the United States

GNC is one of the most popular sports nutrition companies in the United States and a market leader among all other retailers that provide nutritional supplements.

Deer Antler Spray From GNC is just one of their products.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, GNC focuses on sales of nutrition products for health and sports that work with HCH vitamins, testosterone boosters, and other hormone-enhancing products.

The deer antler spray GNC product line tends to provide limited options in regard to supplements in liquid, powder, and spray forms of the deer antler products.

Thus, if you are planning to buy deer antler spray from GNC, it is worth doing your research to ensure you are ending up with a legitimate product, as there are dozens of supplement manufacturers who have jumped on this trend that’s been building for some thousand years, as the use of deer antler spray as a general tonic for vitality, good skin, and sexual health has been found in Chinese tomb scrolls from 168 B.C.

But not all of these many products in the market, are equal in terms of their ingredients, methods of administration, and effectiveness.

Many of these products may advertise themselves as deer antler extract supplements only to contain very little, and negligible dosages of the key active ingredient.

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Deer Antler Spray GNC Product Line

One of the reasons that have made deer antler spray so popular is its main component; the IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor 1.

Antler Spray From GNC

IGF-1 is often defined as a precursor of growth hormone, but is a type of growth hormone that provides a number of scientifically verified results, and has been studied in medical communities around the world for its ability to enhance cellular differentiation and multiplication.

Cellular differentiation and multiplication of a process is a valuable component of healing processes, protein synthesis, immune system support, and other health benefits.

Deer antler velvet is a rich source of not only IGF-1, but other amino acids, protein, connective cells (such as collagen), and even minerals that provide nutritional support to numerous body systems.

There are some numbers of deer velvet products on the market today, ranging from pills to sprays and even the banned injections.

However, the liquid forms that are sprayed into the mouth or under the tongue are considered the safest and most effective.

The growth hormone is extremely sensitive and can be destroyed by the stomach acids, rendering the effectiveness of growth hormone useless before it can even be absorbed into the stomach lining, intestinal lining, or bloodstream.

This is why the pill form of the product is not a good option.

GNC Products and Modern-day Safety Standards for Supplements

All dietary supplements must be evaluated for safety by the Food and Drug Administration.

The GNC deer antler spray has labeling that suggests that it is prepared in an installation inspected by the FDA, however, another warning on the label point out that product efficacy and safety has not been tested by the FDA.

Due to Deer antler spray ability to repair tissue and support bone health, it is approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of arthritis, however, the FDA has not evaluated any claims about deer antler spray’s role in bodybuilding and fitness keep.

The best indication of the efficacy of deer antler spray from GNC would be the users, and their reviews of the product, however, the reviews on GNC’s website shows comments from claims of fraud to glowing five-star reviews.

But in general, GNC products are regarded well by the fitness and bodybuilding community, even though there is no outside independent analysis of their product, available online.

The biggest confusion surrounding deer antler spray from GNC is the country where the active ingredients come from.

Product labeling in GNC products does not indicate the country of origin, which can be a huge indicator of product quality.

Deer products from New Zealand are generally regarded as a source of the highest quality deer antler velvet, but a lower quality product, with potentially suspicious harvesting quality and techniques, is known to come from at least 13 other countries.

Ethical treatment and healthy living conditions for livestock (the deer) in countries like Russia and Taiwan may not be generally acceptable to the wider public, and if GNC is able to secure cheaper pricing from these countries, it is entirely possible that they source their deer antler there.

This kind of suspicion and speculation is what you get without proper labeling, but we will never know.

Conclusion on Antler Spray From GNC

Deer antler spray from GNC is seen as being reasonably well priced, though there are some questions regarding the efficacy and quality of ingredients used.

In contrast to GNC, Smaller, non-corporate producers of the supplement general offer more relevant information about the contents of their products, with better knowledge of sourced country and guarantees of results.

Some brands, such as BioAntler, pair the extract with complementary herbal ingredients to maximize muscle and bone health goals, and we can only recommend that you compare GNC products against these labels before you buy.

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Deer Antler Spray, GNC

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