Legality of Deer Antler Spray in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia

Even though deer antler products are natural and organic, there is still much confusion over their use, safety, and legality.

Their safety and legality are the types of questions the public asks, especially those that are directly related to physical exercise and bodybuilding.

For many people, any type of muscle-building growth factor is synonymous with steroids, artificial anabolic stimulants that are well known to be highly dangerous.

Instead of using steroids, people are looking for safer options, and the deer antler is considered to be safe, but what are the key differences?

Deer antler is widely considered safe and may deliver some similar results as an asteroid.

But there is a legal difference between steroids and deer antler spray.

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Deer Antler Spray Ban

Three major post agencies have played a role in the debate over deer antler sprays.


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) acts as a surveillance body for drug use that improves performance in all sports, including the Olympic Games.

The agency works in conjunction with the application of local law to ensure that athletes do not use dangerous substances that can give them a sporting edge or impair the integrity of sports competition.

WADA at first, included deer antler products in a blanket ban on all growth hormones, including steroids and IGF-1.

But after two high profile cases hit the media, WADA launched a new scientific investigation into deer antler extract sprays, with the purpose of this investigation being to determine whether there was merit in continuing to ban these products.

Its investigation concluded that not enough growth factor in the form of IGF-1 was being delivered by the spray to constitute a breach of doping rules.

After this finding, the locks opened and players in all major league sports were free to use the spray as they pleased, without fear of stigma or ban.

Furthermore, in answering the question of the legality of this product, we must look at the legality of its main ingredient, IGF-1, which is only legal with the supervision of a doctor, in the form of a prescription.

All growth hormones are treated as Schedule III narcotics by the US government, due to their potential for abuse and the risky side effects which come from overdosing.

This classification is aggravated by the need to inject steroid and IGF-1 to achieve the highest targeted results.

The use of needles is not only problematic from the practical point of view for usual supplementation but involves a stigma of more serious drug abuse as far as the general public is concerned.

Doctors will only prescribe or reward these compounds for cases of physical therapy due to extreme injury and serious shortcomings, but not much else.

In it all, taking IGF-1 spray is in fact legal. It is considered a dietary supplement by the FDA, which is not subject to an overdose or abuse easily, with the secret being the method of delivery.

Although the FDA has not specifically approved the Old Deer Extract as a compound generally considered as safe, it has still not made any effort to ban the sale of the product.

IGF-1 Safety and Efficacy

When the deer antler spray is regularly taken, you can experience results in just 3 weeks. On average, it takes about 3-5 weeks to see the results. While taking traditional steroids, the effects may take up to 2 months.

This is one of the reasons why deer producers are drawing attention. The spray is effective because it is able to bypass digestion in the stomach through sublingual administration and travel straight into the bloodstream.

You should note that digestion in the stomach kills the potency of the IGF-1 hormone.

The use of the antler can also create the following potential benefits:

  • Improved recovery time
  • Improvement of resistance
  • More clear mental focus
  • Allow individuals to heal faster
  • It increases metabolism while increasing overall fat loss
  • It allows people to build too lean muscle

To maximize the results, especially its bodybuilding result, you will also have to train.


Under your tongue, there are many small capillaries that help you absorb deer antler spray into your bloodstream, bypassing digestion.

Since this product effectively breaks down in salvia, the administration under the tongue is highly effective.

The good news is that Deer antler spray is legal to use if you live in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia and many other countries, as it is also not currently banned by WADA and can be used by most amateur and professional athletes.

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Deer Antler Spray Legality

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