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The best deer antler velvet has grown in popularity due to its ingredients and the benefits that many of those ingredients offer to humans.

Deer antler extract vapor, or in liquid form, often as a spray or drops, is applied sublingual or under the tongue.

This sublingual delivery method does enable faster absorption of components through the mucosal linings of the mouth, which are rich in capillary supply.

As such, the extract can be considered more potent and effective than the other deer antler products like pills, creams, or capsules.

The main issues which generate controversy with the use of the supplement are its bioavailability challenges, and side effects associated with any hormone supplementation.

However, neither of these concerns have prevented the spray from spreading and being used widely in professional sports and gyms around the world.

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The pros and cons of Deer Antler Spray

The Pros of Deer Antler Spray

Here are the primary benefits of the use of Deer Antler Spray:

deer antler benefit

  • Deer antler spray is proven to be an all-natural substance that is harvested from the deer, mostly in New Zealand, a country, where there are stricter protocols in regard to the harvest of deer antlers that include the care of a vet.
  • The deer antler spray form is considered as the most efficient and fastest way of benefiting from this extract. If taken in pill or powder form, the digestion process kills the useful substances in the product. And if the stomach does not destroy it, the liver renders it useless once it processes it. As for the spray, it can be absorbed easily under the tongue and enters the bloodstream and the system where it releases its benefits.
  • This spray offers joints benefits, as it helps keep joints healthy and prevent damage. More so, the damaged cartilage may be repaired speedily, as the product helps accelerates the process of healing.
  • It also works on libido, and users have observed that their libido improved on using the antler spray. This is because the testosterone levels are somewhat increased, and the endurance and stamina are also enhanced.
  • It aids faster recovery from injuries in the tendons and cartilage. Strained muscles and muscle injuries are reduced while cell regeneration is stimulated.
  • It boosts the overall natural healing processes and properties of the body and gives a more improved immune system.
  • It also has its anti-inflammatory properties that help in keeping up the body to become healthier and in running better and protecting the body against free radicals.
  • There are no serious reported negative effects in the use of this antler velvet spray.

The Cons of Deer Antler Spray

  • Some people may not be in favor of the flavor.
  • The core ingredient in deer antler sprays that makes them work is the IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor), a natural protein that regulates many functions of growth in muscle tissue, and is likely responsible for most of deer antler extract’s effects.

This substance, however, is actually so potent that it is considered a performance-enhancing drug by almost every major athletic institution in the world, and as such, its use is as strictly prohibited as a steroid, in sports.

Side Effects Fears of Deer Antler Spray

While research shows that deer antler spray works for muscle building, sexual health, and improved recovery time, it is believed that excess growth hormone levels can create unwanted side effects.

This is one of the key arguments against the use of anabolic steroids since, in addition to muscle gains, steroids can unfortunately also create pre-disposition to tumors and cancers.

Even though there is no direct link proven between IGF-1 supplements like deer antler spray and cancers, it is advised that anyone who is already sensitive to hormone imbalances should avoid the supplement, especially, in the case of estrogen imbalance, such as in reproductive issues in the uterus and ovaries.

For men, an imbalance in estrogen could result in the appearance of feminine secondary sexual characteristics.

While these are all possible dangers of using IGF-1 in excess, it is unclear if deer antler sprays can yield enough IGF-1 quantity getting into the bloodstream to generate such negative effects.


Deer antler spray is a beneficial product that should be a must-have for athletes and bodybuilders.

In regard to its taste, it may be an issue of relativity; others hate pumpkin while others like it, and you will never know where you fall in until you have tried it.

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