The Shocking Truth About Deer Antler Spray Side Effects, A No Miss

Deer antler spray side effects are mostly owed to the presence of IGF-1, but has been a popular element of Eastern medicine for centuries, and—like red meat, and eggs, contain some amounts of insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1.

IGF-1 is banned by both the FDA and the World Anti-Doping Agency and is also a proven performance enhancer if taken in the form of large, very expensive, chemically purified doses administered via injection.

Deer antler spray is touted as one of the latest and greatest products on the market, as it boosts muscle growth and endurance that is coveted by bodybuilders and athletes. But the question remains; what about deer antler spray side effects?

As with any bodybuilding supplement, it’s important to consider possible deer antler spray side effects before using the product, being that the product is a staple of Chinese medicine for at least two thousand years.

It is harvested from the growing antlers of live deer and contains a byproduct of Human Growth Hormone, HGH.

But, unlike growth factors which are created in the lab, deer antler extracts are completely organic and are loaded with IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which is an anabolic compound also found in human blood.

Active Ingredient in Deer Antler Spray

deer anlter velvet side effectsDeer antler spray has the main active component of IGF-1, a hormonal growth factor, comparable to insulin, which stimulates rapid cell division.

In humans, this IGF-1 substance is naturally produced to stimulate the growth of muscle and bone, as well as helping in the healing of damaged tissues.

Like other growth hormones, the IGF-1 substance is considered fragile and will be significantly damaged and reduced by the digestion process.

This is the reason that most growth hormones, including illegal ones, are commonly injected into the body.

Deer Antler Spray Side Effects

IGF-1, the main component of the deer antler spray has undergone quite a bit of research in recent years due to its potential to stimulate cellular growth and replication as well as its rejuvenation properties.

It stimulates cellular growth of not only existing worn out tissues, but in the formation of new tissues, and is believed to inhibit cellular death.

It is basically an extremely high anabolic compound and is considered an anti-catabolic (anti-death) compound.

Any deer antler spray side effects that may arise would come from an unusually large amount of IGF-1 in the blood, and being that IGF-1 is actually somewhat difficult to supplement, it is considered difficult to overdose.

Any supplement, and that goes for deer antler spray, can contribute to some side effects when abused or not used as directed.

While deer antler extract side effects are minimal and may result in nothing more than a transitory sense of nausea for some, it is yet unknown exactly what to expect regarding the long-term use of the compound.

Only a few studies have been conducted in humans that offer some reliable and scientifically verifiable information regarding potential side effects.

However, because of the similarity between IGF-1 and insulin in molecular structure and function, it is recommended that anyone diagnosed with diabetes or any other metabolic disorder or syndrome should consult with a physician before using any growth hormone.

Especially hormone products they can have an effect or sway on blood glucose levels or metabolism.

Deer Antler vs Steroid

Deer antler spray is not the same as a synthetic steroid, but it is often erroneously paired with synthetics steroids in discussions of side effects on various forums.

Anabolic steroids are created in a lab, unlike deer antler extracts, and the side effects of steroid use can be very severe and even life-threatening over time.

These effects are not rare, and anyone who uses steroids will develop these problems with consistent use over a long period of time.

Such negative effects include:

  • Abnormal growth issues, like muscle, bone, and organs can experience unwanted growth spurts, even altering one’s appearance. Secondary sexual characteristics can even develop and become exaggerated
  • Mood swings: Mood can become irregular, with serious depressive episodes
  • Heart and blood pressure conditions: Arrhythmia and high blood pressure are common occurrences with steroid use
  • Men and women become predisposed to increased risk of developing Tumors and cancers
  • Dependency and addiction: Steroids are somewhat, highly addictive, and difficult to quit.

However, the negative effects of deer antler sprays are generally considered far less than those of synthetic steroids.

It is generally believed that this is because not enough IGF-1 is delivered by the spray to make a negative impact.

The majority of side effects reported from deer antler extract involve over-stimulation of estrogen receptors, which can cause issues for anyone who is already vulnerable to hormone imbalance.

It is also possible that an overabundance of the IGF-1 in deer antler spray will create side effects similar to excessive amounts of human growth hormone, though no study has backed this theory up.

However, these side effects are worth mentioning:

  • swelling,
  • nerve pain,
  • hyperactive libido,
  • And high cholesterol.

In conclusion, as with any fitness supplement, it’s important to proceed cautiously and note individual reactions over time.

At this time, the popularity of deer antler products seems to indicate a high level of efficacy, and the inherent risks and side effects somewhat appear manageable.

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Deer Antler Spray Side Effects

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