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Deer antler velvet is a natural, fuzzy growth that appears over cartilage on the surface of newly forming deer horns.

They are then extracted from the still-growing antlers of both wild and farmed deer and are believed to act in ways that look like anabolic steroids in the blood.

The deer antler can grow up to one inch a day thanks to the high IGF-1 concentration level, which is the key ingredient in deer antler products and is becoming a fixture on bodybuilding websites.

The Deer Antler Spray

Deer Antler Spray is so popular, mainly because it has been proven to get rid of body fat, build muscles and help the body recover faster.

The most important ingredient in this antler spray is the Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1), which is found in deer antler velvet. It aids in the increased rate and extent of muscle repair, muscle growth, and the increase in muscle fibers.

This same growth factor, IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor), is found in humans, as it is responsible for children’s remarkable growth rate.

Its anabolic qualities stimulate muscle growth and repair in adults, helping to build collagen, cartilages, and bones.

IGF-1 enhances growth and stops cell death. It also stimulates growth in most cells of the body, including the skeletal, muscle, cartilage, bone, nerves, and skin, as it increases both the number and size of cells.

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Fitness Benefits of Deer Antler Spray

While the number of objective scientific studies regarding deer antler sprays is still low, the supplement has taken hold in bodybuilding communities, and its users have reported the following benefits:

  • Increased endurance
  • Greater fat burning
  • Faster regaining from injuries
  • Rapid conversion of lipids into lean muscle mass
  • A safer substitute to steroids

Other Benefits You’ll Get From This Spray Include:

  • Speeds up recovery time by 50%
  • Gain lean muscle mass and increased strength: this spray builds muscle mass and at the same time enhances your physical energy and strength.
  • Optimizes energy levels: the spray acts on your muscles and body in such a way that your energy reserve is fully raised, for working out or doing other everyday practices.
  • Greater endurance: this muscle spray builds up your body’s physical endurance so you can have more energy backup and can work out longer.
  • Greater libido and stamina: the spray builds up your testosterone levels, and will thus result in an increase in libido, sexual drive, and act.
  • Natural ingredients: all the ingredients in this spray are 100% natural with no artificial or man-made content.
    The spray is rich in L-arginine, which has been clinically and medically tested and found effective in the buildup of lean muscles in the human body
  • There is a free trial available which you can give a shot at no cost.

Pros of Deer Antler Spray

Deer antler ingredients are completely organic. Plus the popularity of deer antler products seems to indicate a high level of efficacy and manageable side effects. Pros include:

  • Natural Source of IGF-1
  • Improve Immunity
  • Also natural source of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Collagen
  • Believed to Promote Muscle Growth
  • May Improve Joint Health and Reduce Pain
  • May Support Sexual Function and Libido
  • May Slow Signs of Aging

Cons of Deer Antler Spray

Deer antler spray is not the same as a synthetic steroid, but it is often erroneously paired with synthetics in discussions of side effects.

Deer antler extracts, unlike anabolic steroids, are not created in a lab, and the side effects of steroid use can be very severe and even life-threatening in some cases.

Anyone who uses steroids in a fitness context will develop the following problems over a long period of time:

• Abnormal growth issues: Muscle, bone, and organs can experience unwanted growth, even altering one’s appearance.
• Secondary sexual physical characteristics can become blown up and prominent.
• Mood problems: Mood can become erratic, with bad depressing episodes.
• Heart/blood pressure conditions: Arrhythmia and high blood pressure are common incidences with steroid use.
• Both men and women become predisposed to increased risk of developing cancer.
• Dependency/addiction: long time use can make steroids to be highly addictive and challenging to quit.
• Low Concentration of IGF-1 in some Oral Deer Antler Sprays
• Some Products Use Inhumane Farming Practices
• There is not enough clinical research history of the product
• Reproductive cancers like uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and fibroid tumors are some problems women face from excessive IGF-1 levels in their system.

Risks and Side Effects

Steroids and growth hormones are banned by pro sports leagues for these reasons:

  • They provide an unfair advantage over players who don’t use the product.
  • They result in dangerous side effects.

The side effects attributed to illegal steroids include the development of unnatural secondary sexual and physiological characteristics, dramatic psychological imbalance, and the serious risk of tumors and heart conditions.

Integrating Deer Antler Spray into a Workout Plan

Commonly, it is believed that IGF-1, and insulin, are too fragile to be ingested, because, they are destroyed by stomach acids during digestion, and that is why both substances are frequently injected, to avoid its passage through the stomach altogether.

Taking deer antler extract as a spray may also solve the problem of conveying IGF directly to the bloodstream when sprayed under the tongue.

Various scientific tests support deer antler velvet’s effects on muscle strength. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment, 18 males subjects entered a 10-week strength training program, and it was found out that those who took deer antler velvet showed an increase in strength in the bench press and leg squat, and decrease in body fat relative to the overall placebo group.

In another experiment, 38 males, (all of whom were experienced weightlifters), entered a 10-week strength training program, and those who took deer antler velvet experienced an increase in peak torque and average power relative to the overall placebo group.

Their experience also included an unanticipated improvement in aerobic performance.


Bans on the product have been lifted by international anti-doping watchdog agencies, and sportspersons at all levels of skill and experience might benefit from exploring its effect on vitality and muscle power.

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