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Pure African mango supplements is made up of extracts of Irvingia gabonensis seeds and are said to boost weight loss results as part of a comprehensive diet plan.

Irvingia gabonensis or the tree commonly known as African mango originated from West and Central Africa and can attain a height of more than forty feet. It yields fruits referred to as African mangos or bush mangos and is made up of just one seed.

The mango seeds are densely packed with fiber and medium to long-chain fatty acids and are the major ingredient contained in pure extracts of African mango supplements.

The mango fruits are edible fruits and are frequently taken by the natives as food but not used for medicinal purposes. In the modern-day, African mango is used as well as a remedy for weight loss, obesity, hyperlipidemia or high blood lipid levels, and mitigation of pain and for treatment of diabetes.

Pure African Mango Supplements

African mango supplements are frequently made up of other high-fiber herbal products or other ingredients that help in weight loss. A few of these extra ingredients found in African mango extracts are flax, green tea extract and caffeine.

While the use of a supplement blend containing an African Mango may boost weight loss results if matching ingredients are incorporated, they can result to the risk of possible side effects and interactions.

In a few instances, African Mango diet pills marketed online were given negative reviews due to the fact that they are made up of high doses of caffeine and other metabolic-boosting stimulants. As a result, a lot of users of the supplement desire to get only pure African mango supplements with no added ingredient.

Pure African Mango For Weight Loss

Additional research is required to determine the medicinal effects of African mango supplements and its possible weight loss effects. Although a few human studies have produced positive results, a lot of these studies were criticized for poor research methods and imperfect reporting.

It was found in two human studies that African mango supplements boosted weight loss in overweight individuals who took part in the research.

In a scientific study with overweight individuals with normal or a bit high level of blood cholesterol, it was discovered that participants who belonged to the treatment group who were given 1.05 gram of a raw extract of the I. gabonensis three times a day for four weeks lost roughly 4 kilogram or 8.8 lbs of weight.

The research participants both those in the treatment and placebo groups were strictly placed under a low-fat diet of 1,800 kCal every day.

A second study where overweight individuals in the treatment group were given one hundred and fifty milligram of a particular pure extract of African mango seed known as the IGOB131 two times every day and where the participant’s diets were not restricted found that participants in the treatment group ate roughly four hundred fewer numbers of calories every day than the panacea group.

Individuals who belong to the treatment group were also found to lose roughly 12.8 kilogram or 28.2 lbs of weight while members of the placebo group lost roughly 0.7 kilogram of weight.

These trial studies have been disapproved due to poor research methodology. Thus, additional research is required to determine how effective the African mango supplements are for weight loss. In spite of this, users of this supplement regularly report that the supplement helped them to curb their hunger and appetite and as well prolonged their feeling of satiety.

The Health Benefits of Pure African Mango Extracts

In the two scientific researches discussed above, overweight individuals lost weight and witnessed a reduction in their levels of blood cholesterol after drinking pure African mango supplements.

The two studies show that treatment group participants experienced reduced low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol also referred to as LDL-C or bad cholesterol, total cholesterol and the levels of triglyceride when placed side by side the placebo group. Additionally, the supplement was found to increase the levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol or the popularly known good cholesterol.

A 1990 scientific study where 4 gram of African mango fiber was mixed in 100 milliliter of water and given to type II diabetic patients two times every day for four weeks showed that it resulted to a good reduction in fasting levels of the blood sugar than what they had before the study.

It was as well discovered that the supplement have effects on a few enzymes and hormones that are connected to absorption and use of blood glucose.

The Fibre Content of African Mango and its Therapeutic Effects

Additional study is required to evaluate the efficacy of African mango for healing purposes. Also, it has not yet been discovered exactly how African Mango provides the effects in the result obtained from the presently accessible scientific studies.

Clinicians who conducted these researches have also not been able to demonstrate that there are specific exclusive bioactive constituent of the pure African mango that is not replicated in other plants. As a result of this, the recorded therapeutic effects of African mango may be due to its high contents of fibre in part.

A diet that is high in fibre and the one that is made up of not less than thirty gram of fiber daily was found to help overweight individuals to lose weight, boost their body’s reaction to insulin, assist to minimize the levels of cholesterol and lessen their blood pressure.

User Reviews of Pure African Mango Extract

African mango supplements are frequently blended with other active ingredients. As a result of the different formulas contained in the varieties of these supplement, the users review on African mango may be contradictory. Nevertheless, the majority of users report a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time after taking pure African mango supplements. This helps individuals to indirectly lose weight by making them to eat fewer numbers of calories.

The Detoxification and Cleansing Effect of African Mango

African mango supplements are occasionally recommended for detoxification of the body; although scientific research has not been conducted on its possible detoxification effects on the body.

It is thought that the large concentration of fibre in the African mango seed extract supplements could play a role in a better digestion and internal cleansing. It is also helpful for the elimination of the clogged up gastro intestine.

Also, the moderately fatty acid chains contained in African Mango helps to metabolize fat in the body.

The Side Effects of Pure African Mango

African mango supplements are recommended as potentially safe natural supplement in the database of the Natural Medicines.

The studies recorded in the database reveal that African mango supplement results to only minimal and less serious side effects which go off after sometime. A minimal percentage of users were recorded to have experienced side effects like insomnia and headaches.  A few gastrointestinal side effects that may be experienced by users include vomiting and gassing.

Users ought to be aware that there is a possibility of African mango supplement interacting with prescribed drugs or over-the-counter drugs.

Individuals who are diabetic and hypertensive are as well not advised to make use of African mango supplements outside the recommendation of their medical expert.

If you have diabetes or hypertension, speak with a doctor before beginning to use an African mango dietary supplement. The therapeutic products made from Irvingia may be used in the treatment of those who are suffering from hypertension. They may as well have hypoglycemic features that could result to interaction with specific drugs and other herbal supplements.

A few herbal supplements that result to the regulation of blood sugar are fenugreek, American ginseng, devil’s claw, Asian ginseng, Siberian ginseng and guar gum.

There are, at this time, only a few scientific studies conducted on the safety of pure African mango extract among pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

If you have been scheduled for surgical operation, you must stop the usage of the supplement two weeks before the scheduled date.

To ensure that you are safe, at all times, seek the recommendations of your medical expert team before taking pure African mango supplements or a supplement blends that contain the African mango as one of its active ingredients.

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