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If you want to check if African mango diet pills are efficient for weight loss or if what is advertised about the product is just mere propaganda, this article will provide you with all the necessary information you need.

The African Mango natural extract became popular after it was featured on Dr. Oz show as a great supplement for weight loss and suppression of appetite.

You will find in this article both scientific researches on the extract as well as customer reviews on African mango supplements.

The scientific name of the African mango is Irvingia gabonensis. It naturally grows in West Africa and Central Africa. The mango tree produces fruits that are occasionally referred to as African mangos or bush mango.

The fruit is made up of just a single seed. The fleshy and succulent part of the fruit is eaten as food by the natives.

Irvingia Gabonensis for Weight LossThe seeds of this fruit are used in the manufacture of dietary supplements because they contain a large amount of fiber and medium- and long-chain fatty acids.

African mango supplements are recommended for weight loss, treatment of obesity, hyperlipidemia, or high levels of blood lipid and in the treatment of diabetes.

Although several pieces of research show that the supplement made from the seeds of African mango extracts are great for weight loss and the regulation of appetite, additional research is required to confirm the result obtained from these researches.

Many customer reviews on the use of the supplement show that the supplement is efficient.

African Mango Reviews

African mango supplements frequently blend Irvingia gabonensis seed extract with other high-fiber ingredients or herbs used for weight loss.

Since the formula of each supplement is unique, costumers’ experiences and reviews may vary.

Generally, African mango supplements are practically given high ratings on Amazon and other internet review sites.

Users avow regulation of appetite and weight reduction when they made use of the supplement in addition to a healthy diet and good exercise regimen.

Nonetheless, there are a few users who reported they felt no significant effects after making use of the supplements.

Specific formulas of African mango diet pills have as well been given unfavorable reviews because they are blended with too much quantity of caffeine or other stimulants that are used to enhance the metabolic rate of the body.

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Scientific Study of Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango)

Initial studies show that African mango support weight loss, appetite regulation, and help to reduce cholesterol and the levels of blood sugar.

It is significant to state that although some scientific study shows positive results additional research is required to confirm the use and efficiency of African mango for healing purposes.

The present researches said by critics to involve poor reporting and research methods.

The Ratings of African Mango for Weight Loss

Scientific review articles gather and estimate the available research on a specific topic.

Those who write these scientific articles search through published material and make use of studies that they deem worthy to be incorporated into their criteria.

The authors then evaluate the evidence presented in these researches to review or provide an overview of the existing research.

A 2013 review, three random controlled trials Studies (RCTs) on the effect of African mango on weight loss found that African mango led to momentous weight loss and stomach circumference in overweight participants who were given I. gabonensis in place the placebo group.

The three trial studies as well as help to reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in the group that was treated with the supplement.

Notwithstanding the positive results, reviewers concluded that accessible trial studies made use of inferior research reports and methods.

Thus, the effects of Irvingia supplements on weight loss and related obesity markers remain undefined.

Supplementary more tasking and improved reported trial studies are required before the efficiency of African mango supplements can be graded based on scientific study.

African Mango and Fat Loss Promotion

There is ongoing research on the effect of African mango on weight loss.

The weight loss effects experience is usually partly as a result of its fiber content.

Fiber has a binding effect on cholesterol and assists in the elimination of fat from the body.

It has as well been found to lessen appetite by promoting a sense of fullness for a longer period of time after meals.

African Mango extract has also been shown to boost leptin sensitivity in obese individuals.

Individuals who are overweight are frequently resistant to the effects of the leptin hormone, which inhibits cravings for food in the brain.

By boosting the leptin sensitivity, African mango diet pills may assist users to feel fuller after meals and minimize signs of appetite.

This could boost the activity of a diet program and make it less difficult to attain a negative caloric shortage.

The Protective Effects of African Mango on The Cardiac System

Studies published in the Natural Medicines Database of preliminary studies show that Irvingia gabonensis may boost the levels of cholesterol in overweight individuals.

Individuals involved in studies about African mango and its effects on weight loss reported lower levels of cholesterol at the end of the study.

A four-week study where overweight participants were given 1.05 g of African mango seed extract three times every day and in which both the treatment and placebo groups are placed on a restricted diet of low fat and calorie-restricted diet of 1,800 k. calorie daily found roughly the following among the treatment group as opposed to the  placebo:

  • Forty-five percent drop in  the levels of serum triglyceride;
  • Forty-six percent of the drop in the levels of low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C-);
  • Thirty-nine percent drop in the levels of total cholesterol.
  • Increase in the levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) which is as well-referred to as good cholesterol.

There is currently no scientific research study that is published on the effect of the African mango effect on the levels of cholesterol in humans.

Nevertheless, because the data were obtained from studies criticized for research methodology and poor reporting, supplementary research is required to be able to actually state the real therapeutic function of the African mango supplements.

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