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There is a clear relationship between the human growth hormone, HGH, and insulin growth factor 1, IGF-1 as it relates to the body.

The pituitary gland manufactures HGH, which is then synthesized into IGF-1 by the liver.

Human Growth Hormone is a natural protein hormone which is released by the pituitary gland and is an integral part of childhood physical development.

It also regulates muscle growth, bone integrity, and some metabolism functions throughout one’s lifetime.

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Uses of HGH

Synthetic forms of HGH are a common prescription drug used for many growth-related disorders, plus other uses which include:

  • Increasing sex hormones and functions
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Enhancing renal function
  • Handling pituitary gland cancer
  • Reducing muscular degeneration

IGF-1 is the natural by-product of HGH once it has been processed by the liver, and can help creates an acceleration of lean muscle formation as well as fat burning in the body.

It also repairs damaged (whether from an injury or a degenerative disease), to bone fibers, sinew, and muscle tissue.

A primary or secondary IGF-1 deficiency or both has been associated with a shortened lifespan, and research has revealed that IGF1 gene inactivation or growth hormone receptor inactivation in both rodents, and invertebrates led to IGF1 deficiency, which led to a shortened lifespan especially in females.

The researchers also revealed that this can be reversed with IGF-1 supplements.

Another study involving men found that the 2 largest cohorts of patients with inactive GH receptor (Laron syndrome), resulted in an IGF-1 deficiency.

This study done in Israel and Ecuador revealed that despite their dwarfism and marked obesity, patients are alive at the ages of 75-78 years, with some having reached even more advanced ages.

It was concluded that a major contributing factor is their protection from cancer, a major cause of death in the general population.

It is generally believed that pure IGF-1 may help with fixing problems or improving the following: aging, bone density, endurance and energy, hair, skin and nails, immune system, joint and connective tissue, mental clarity, muscle growth, stress reduction, and weight loss

Problem to Supplementing with Growth Factor

Another complicating factor in the supplementation of HGH and IGF-1 is their extreme sensitivity to decomposition during ingestion and digestion, thus, making growth hormones, whether artificial or natural, to be injected to avoid stomach acids.

Taking protein powders and oral supplements are more convenient for health-conscious people to employ, because self-injecting growth factors daily for up to 2 months, which is the typical duration of an HGH cycle, is another big problem of its own that normally turns most people off of such supplementation.

The only exception to the above rule and the only alternative for any kind of HGH / IGF-1 supplementation that is both legal and can be taken orally is a liquid fine mist of IGF-1 mouth spray, that comes in the form of deer antler velvet extracts.

Deer Antler Extract – Legal HGH IGF-1 Supplements

Deer antler is a natural source of IGF-1 that is not created in a lab and is thus very easy for the body to tolerate. It is made by the human body and also extracted from the growing antler of the deer or elk.

The knowledge has existed for centuries and used to be a Chinese medicine folk remedy for sexual health and general vitality.

Deer antler extracts business is a big industry across the world, with New Zealand having one of the biggest humane deer farming with up to 2 million deer kept as livestock to be used for only antler medications.

Spray products like Genf20 Plus spray and Sytropin from deer antler velvet are considered spray dietary supplements by the FDA and can offer a significant IGF-1 dosage under your tongue, without any need for a prescription or injections.

These sprays are not considered a serious risk for hormone side effects and are used widely by bodybuilders, but surely not limited to the fitness market.

People who suffer from age-related bone density issues, muscular degeneration or wasting also use IGF-1, with other benefits being an improvement in sexual health, energy, blood cleaners boosting red cell count, and more.

HGH vs. Deer Antler Extract

The use of IGF-1 supplements in the form of deer antler sprays is not the same as injecting raw HGH on its own, and when synthesized, HGH interacts with fat cells in unique ways and spawns many different growth factor proteins, including nerve growth factor.

The IGF-1 which is produced by HGH specifically targets cell growth in muscle and raises metabolism for fat burning, making it an ideal supplement for bodybuilding, when successfully used and supplemented.

The IGF-1 that is delivered as a spray below the tongue, through antler spray can accomplish these effects without the need for injection, and without some of the serious side effects associated with HGH use.

This method may take more time but is safer than the use of synthetic steroids to accomplish similar goals.

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