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IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) is an intriguing anabolic hormone that has proven itself to be an excellent addition to the PED cycling regimes of bodybuilders and athletes.

Until recently, integrating an IGF-1 dosage cycle into a bodybuilding program was a matter of secrecy, since the substance has been long banned by professional sports organizations, and tightly controlled by the FDA as a Schedule III drug.

Unless supervised by a doctor, any athletes who use IGF-1 would do so secretly without the necessary support and information available to him.

Meaning that IGF-1 could only be taken as an underground supplement or under strict doctor’s guidance, and can easily lead to increased side effects and ill-used.

But today, legal forms of IGF-1, such as deer antler velvet spray, have now taken over the supplement, and the right information about IGF-1 dosing and usage is now available, making it possible to experience excellent gains in the gym.

Determining the best IGF-1 dosage is important not only for safety but in order to achieve desired results.

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The purpose of an IGF-1

  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Maximize training effort for extreme gains
  • Develop a ripped looking physique
  • Provide support for bones and connective tissues
  • Assist in recovery from injuries, plus broken bones
  • Increase muscle coordination
  • Improve stamina
  • Provide support to people with muscular deterioration
  • Provide anti-aging benefits
  • Improve libido and potency

IGF-1 Dosage Recommendations

With this natural protein growth factor being able to provide more than 70 amino acids to muscle tissue, it can provide a significant performance edge in the gym and on the court.

When released by the body, it causes special receptors to trigger muscle growth at the cellular level, thus, supplementing with IGF-1 can ignite this process of muscle growth, regardless of age or fitness level.

IGF-1 Dose for Bodybuilding

When it comes to the best dose for bodybuilding, there is bound to be a range of advice depending on which website you visit.

Some will recommend that you use it only for bulking phases and not merely to lose weight or in cutting phases, while others may counter.

You will surely find a variety of IGF-1 cycle recommendations when it comes to dosage, and frequency of use, or stacking one product with several others, in order to provide enhanced and accelerated results.

While such methods are common in the bodybuilding world, it pays to be guarded when mixing a number of hormones together including IGF-1 and testosterone, HGH, etc…

Stacking with human growth hormone or HGH is a popular combination in the development of new muscle mass that also promotes recovery, and many bodybuilders and athletes promote its use in between cycles to help maintain muscle mass development.

Stacking IGF-1 injection with other anabolic steroids can also affect the dosage.

Injecting IGF-1

Originally, an IGF-1 dosage is traditionally administered as an intramuscular injection, and the process is a cumbersome and painful method of supplementation, especially for a compound that is intended to be taken daily.

The use of needles for this purpose is controlled, and prescriptions are not very easy to come by.

Then, IGF-1 cannot be consumed as a traditional pill because it is highly susceptible to damage in the digestion process, and if you ingest it as an oral pill, the active ingredient will not be bioavailable for your body to use and will mostly be excreted.

Fortunately, the spray forms of the supplement derived from animal antlers offer a painless and legal alternative to needles, and can even be purchased over the counter.

Taking Your IGF-1 Dosage as a Spray

IGF-1 can be taken as an oral spray, and this method of applications of IGF-1 supplements do not require a prescription or a doctor’s supervision.

These sprays are created from the growing antlers of various deer species, as it is believed that the same growth factor which spurs exponential growth in antler bone has a muscle and bone building effect in humans too.

These antler remedies are rich in IGF-1, and when fine mists of antler extract are sprayed under the tongue, this compound can enter the blood without the need for any injections.

Frequency of Use of IGF-1

IGF-1, when used as a legal oral spray product, can be taken safely every day without fear of negative side effects.

Some athletes prefer to take the spray only on workout days, however, all muscle growth occurs both on rest days and on workout days.

Just as the rule for adding body mass indicate that you must eat more calories/protein to acquire the raw materials for larger muscle, it also follows that you must also provide the cell signaling which spurs that growth, in the form of growth factor, and for best outcome, you have to do it every day.

Normally, periods of supplementation are alternated with breaks, to give the muscle tissue and the body system time to rest.

This is very similar to a 2-month bulking cycle that many athletes employ periodically throughout the year.

IGF-1 Dosage Effects on the Body

IGF-1 is a polypeptide hormone. It is also classified as a growth hormone that is basically responsible for stimulating cellular growth.

The hormone is synthesized and released by the liver, then it binds to specific receptors in cellular structures inside the body.

This process and function have long been considered beneficial to bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other sportspersons because it is observed to offer a perfect anabolic environment.

In summary, what this means is that it contributes to an increase in retention of nitrogen and increased synthesis of protein, and as a hormone, it can have a huge impact on health and wellness, as it affects not only functions of endocrine glands and secretions, but the metabolic system as well.

In concluding this article, you should know that the benefits of IGF-1 on any individual depends on their age, their metabolism, diet, health status, exercise levels, etc….

You should also be aware that not everyone will react in the same way for this very reasons mentioned.

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