Irvingia Gabonensis Review for Diet, Fat Loss and Insulin Resistance

The plant known as Irvingia gabonensis is occasionally known as the African Mango, but it is different from the fruit commonly known as mango fruit. The African mango tree produces fruits which are made up of healthy fats and with seeds rich in protein.

Irvingia gabonensis reviews note that the African mango helps in weight loss, prevents weight gain and helps individuals to control their appetite control and burn extra fat. It was noted that these health benefits of I. gabonensis may be as a result of the fact that it results to improved insulin and leptin sensitivity.

Research indicates that there is some evidence for the claims about the health benefits of Irvingia gabonensis, however, additional research is required to establish the authenticity of the preliminary studies.

User reviews note that Irvingia gabonensis or the African Mango Extract added to a healthy diet can boost weight loss and prevent weight gain. It may be effectual for minimizing the storage of fat in the cells of the body. It has as well been found to reduce the cravings for food, boost satiation and help the body to remain in good health condition.

Irvingia gabonensis studies found that the African mango seed extract is more effective when it is blended with Cissus quadranglaris which is a related natural weight loss supplement and taken together with a healthy diet and a good exercise regimen.

Irvingia gabonensis Reviews for Weight Loss

Irvingia gabonensis extract may help individuals to lose weight but it ought to be used as a constituent of a weight loss formulation blended with other weight loss supporting ingredients and combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen to more effective.

Irvingia reviews note that African mango seed extract supplement may minimize the cravings for food to a moderate level. It may assist users to electively eat less.

A few clinical studies show that Irvingia gabonensis minimizes the number of calories that the individuals in the treatment group ate when placed side by side the individuals in the control group.

In a study, the Irvingia Gabonensis seed extract was given to the treatment group research participants at 150 mg two times daily for a10 weeks period. Research participants administered with Irvingia in this study was found to eat roughly 2,767 calories every day in comparison with 3,156 calories eaten by the control group every day.

This supplement made the treated group lose about 12. 8 kilogram of weight as opposed to the 0.7 kilogram of weight loss recorded by the control group in a study conducted for the period of ten weeks. Nevertheless, this particular study was sponsored by the producer of one African Mango extract supplement. Independent supplementary research need to reproduce the same effects to be able to conclusively establish these recorded effects.

Irvingia gabonensis Extract as Appetite Suppressant

A number of User reviews of Irvingia gabonensis online show that the African mango seed extracts supplement assisted them to naturally control their cravings for food and helped them to feel full for a longer period of time which helped them to reduce weight by making them able to easily eat lesser calorie. This helps the body to burn more calories than the body is taking in and invariably results to weight loss.

Irvingia Gabonensis appear to work by boosting leptin sensitivity in the body of individuals who are obese. Leptin is a hormone produced in the adipose tissue where the body usually stores excess fat. The levels of leptin are linked to the amount of fat that is stored in the body.

Leptin helps the body to regulate appetite in the brain. It is utilized to signal the lateral hypothalamus about the availability of stored energy resources in the body.

When the body’s store of fate is reduced, the levels of leptin levels gets low and the brain receive a signal to eat extra food to make sure that the energy supply of the body is replenished and maintained.

When the body has enough store of fat the adipocytes manufacture and release leptin into the blood stream. This inhibits the sensation for hunger and cravings for food.

How Irvingia Gabonensis Functions in the body

In a number of instances the body experiences leptin resistance. This happens when the hypothalamus of the brain becomes insensitive to the actions of leptin.

In an instance like this, although the level of leptin in the body is elevated, the individual may still feel hungry when the body in actual fact has no need for additional food.

This may make the individual to over-eat because the individual will end to eat and eat without getting filled up. This can result to weight gain eventually or make it difficult to stick to any form of weight loss plan.

As time goes on, the individual becomes overweight or obese which can put him o her at risk of suffering from can increase risk factors for a number of health complications.

Irvingia research and reviews show that the African mango seed extract can assist to boost the sensitivity of leptin receptors. There are a lot of mechanisms of action that may arbitrate this effect, but it is not known exactly the way it eliminates leptin resistance.

User reviews of Irvingia diet pills note that the supplement can assist people to have a sense of fullness. It can as well naturally minimize food cravings, especially for high calorie foods. This can result to a positive effect on weight loss goals when linked to a healthy diet and exercise.

Review of the side effects of Irvingia gabonensis

Irvingia gabonensis is noted to be Possibly Safe by Natural Medicines when the user makes use of it in the appropriate manner. It is commonly well tolerated but gastro intestinal side effects may manifest in a few individuals.

The few side effects that have been reported include gassiness and headaches.


  • It helps in weight loss
  • Activate the sensitivity of leptin and insulin sensitivity
  • It boosts satiation and creates a sense of fullness due to presence of fibre
  • It is made up of healthy fats and can reduce the levels of blood total cholesterol, bad cholesterol and fasting glucose while increasing the levels of good cholesterol.


  • It results to a few mild and temporary side effects like headaches, vomiting and gassiness
  • It can interact with certain medications like the diabetic and hypertensive drugs
  • It cannot be used two before a scheduled surgical operation
  • It is not considered safe for pregnant women or lactating mothers and children


The Irvingia reviews online show prospective benefits of it as weight loss supplement, sensitivity to leptin and for insulin sensitivity, additional studies are required to confirm these results. Irvingia gabonensis may not be effective weight loss supplement for all types of users. Do not take the supplement without first obtaining the permission of your doctor.