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Natural weight loss has been a topic of interest for so many decades. We all know that there are many ways to kill a rat. Some people think it doesn’t matter how you get there as far as you get the results, we believe in loosing weight in A natural and safe way.

For me, I think procedure matters because, I wouldn’t like to loose weight fast and suffer side effect of bad drugs later on in life. Don’t get me wrong, am not saying there’s anything wrong with pills, at least not in this post. You need to know what you are doing.

I know I have seen for sure, some weight loss products that are not healthy and can compromise your health in some weight loss market places.

Today we are talking about how to loose weight safely and naturally.

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Exercise is important for health, but study suggests that activity alone does not necessarily burn extra calories, and that diet should be the focus of weight loss.

Exercise alone is not enough to lose weight because our bodies reach a plateau where working out more does not necessarily burn extra calories, researchers have found.

In the UK, health advice includes a recommendation for 150 minutes of moderate activity a week for adults.

You know they say that sometimes, its the simplest things that generate the most results.

Lets look at science proven tips that help you loose weight safely, naturally and fast all at the same time.

Tips To Loosing Weight In A Natural and Safe Way:

Don’t miss breakfast

Rule number one, you should never miss breakfast. Having a proper breakfast every morning is very important. If you are the type the work out in the morning, exercise plus breakfast will give your metabolism a kick to start and maintain a fat burning process.

This is the point at which you loose weight even without wiping sweats. Ever seen some of those YouTube video claiming they’d show you how to loose weight while you sleep? Now you know…

Consumer large amounts of water daily

glass of water for weight loss

Drinking plenty water would help keep your body hydrated and cleanse your system too. You want to always have some water around. Don’t wait until you get tasty before you have a drink. Drinking plenty of water is one of the basic lessons of weight loss but sadly plenty people don’t know about this.

When your body is properly hydrated, you have a lot of flexibility and energy at your disposal. Don’t know what to do with them? Get hard with the irons bars 🙂

Now comes scientific evidence that H2O really does help you lose weight. Researchers in Germany report that water consumption increases the rate at which people burn calories. The impact is modest and the findings are preliminary, but the researchers say their study could have important implications for weight-control programs.

Despite the fact that most diets call for drinking at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day, few studies have been done to determine if the practice actually speeds weight loss. In an effort to answer this question, Michael Boschmann, MD, and colleagues from Berlin’s Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center tracked energy expenditures among seven men and seven women who were healthy and not overweight.

After drinking approximately 17 ounces of water, the subjects’ metabolic rates — or the rate at which calories are burned — increased by 30% for both men and women. The increases occurred within 10 minutes of water consumption and reached a maximum after about 30 to 40 minutes.

Don’t eat in large chunks

large foodlarge food

As weird as this truth might sound, eating many times a day doesn’t make you add weight. As far as you are doing it right. Spread out your meals and eat in small quantities. You can spread your 3 square meals in chunks of 3 hour gaps and eat all day round. This keeps your body metabolism active and alert, working all day round.


Reduce salt and fat intake

avoid salty foods

Stay away from much salt and fat intake as much as you can. So many of the foods we eat these days are filled with these unwanted matter. This leads to obesity. You can check out the statistics to see the increasing number of obsessed people in the US alone.

obesity statsobesity stats


High amounts of fats and salt in the body could lead to Kidney disease, stroke and heart attack.

Do regular exercise

home workout on treadmill

Exercise is part of weight loss. You can’t discuss weight loss without talking about exercise. Especially when you want to loose weight naturally and safely. It is very healthy to start your day with exercise.

It raises your body metabolic rate and gets your body ready  and in the mood to burn fat properly all day long.

Take a lot of fruits and vegetables

weight loss diet

Eating vegetable will not just help you loose weight, it will get your skin looking younger and radiating like a baby’s. Adults should stay away from red meat. Rather they should eat white meat and fish. High carbohydrate diets are No- No’s. Please you don’t need them at this point if you want to achieve your weight loss goals.


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I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. You comments are highly valued.

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