How to Lose Weight on The Face and Chin

Your face is the first place you are looked at when you come in contact with someone. It is always visible even after we are dressed and it reveals a lot about a person. It can tell the state of your health, it can tell when you are worried, tired etc...

How to lose weight on the face and chin has been something of worry about.

Each individual's face is unique and we are known from our different looks starting with the face. That makes face fat a major source of worry for a lot of people.

The news has it that experts have developed a drug which can be injected into the chin to destroy fat cells.

The treatment, called Kybella, has been approved for use in the US by the Food and Drug Administration. But British clinics are already creating waiting lists for the drug in the hope that is licensed for use in the UK.

The good news is that we can lose face fat with a little work and some discipline without the need for expensive treatments like Kybella.

Today we are going to discuss facial exercises that can help you lose the face fat easily in a matter of days.

Note that your facial muscles are just like any other muscle in your body. With steady exercise and toning, they get firmer, leaner and gives you a radiating appearance. More-so, some of the exercises we are going to discuss are kinda weird and I won't advise doing it in a public place.

How Can Facial Exercise Help Me Lose Weight on The Face and Chin ?

how to loose face fat

We already know that to lose weight, what come is (calories) has to be less than what goes out. If you burn 200 calories daily and consume 250, you are not making progress to loosing weight at all.

It doesn't matter how much exercise you do. When you take in less calorie that you burn, your body will slowly burn its fat reserves from everywhere.

There are a few specific exercises that you can do with the face that can help you tone your face and give you a lean, firm and young face.

When you combine these exercises that you are going to learn in a second with your regular weight loss exercise, then you are on your way to loosing face fat fast.

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Exercise One: Blowing Air into the Mouth

air into mouth exercise

As funny as this exercise sounds, it has given people wonderful results. It helps you to correct frown lines and also tones the cheeks and chin.

To do this, you have to curl your both lips inwardly, open your mouth slightly and blow air into you mouth. Get you mouth filled with enough air to puff the areas of your mouth and not your cheeks. Remember that…

Hold it for a few secondly, I recommend six to ten seconds before releasing the air. You should repeat this about ten times for each session, and have minimum of two sessions daily.

Exercise Two: The Smiling Exercise

smilliing woman exercise

Smiling comes easy to most people. At least to me! Its is one of the most natural facial expressions known to man. It is also a good facial exercise.

For the deliberate smiling exercise that we are going to be engaged in, you are required to smile as wide as you can, stretching it to the best of your ability and hold it. While you are in this smiling state, try moving you head in every direction. Move it forward, backwards, left, right and center again.

Release the smile gently and make sure your movements are not hard and jerky. Take it gentle and slow.

You should repeat this about ten times for each session, and have minimum of two sessions daily. This is a fast way of toning your cheek muscles.

Exercise Three: Opening the Mouth Wide

I see a lot of men having double chins. It's bad enough in men let alone in ladies. If you have got this happening for you, you are in luck as we are going to get rid of it with this third exercise.

Open your mouth as wide as you can, stretching as much as possible. Hold it for a few seconds. I like to work with ten or more. Then release it gradually. Repeat this for three session minimum daily and have each session run for minimum ten rounds.

Doing this will help you loose your double chin in no-time at all.

Exercise Four: Chine Lift

The chin lift is a nice way to loose double chin. Doing the Chin lift alone stretches most of the facial muscles like the jaw, neck and throat. You can perform this exercise in the comfort of your living room.

You can start by tilting your head upwards, keep your eyes on the ceiling. Make your lips tight as if you were blowing a kiss to the ceiling and hold it there for 10 seconds.

Make sure you ain't using any facial muscle apart from the lips for this exercise.

Repeat 10 times holding for 10 seconds each.

Exercise Five: Lip Pull

The lip pull helps you take away age from your face. It leaves you looking younger and radiating with life. It is very effective when practiced on a regular basis in lifting the face muscles and revealing those high cheek bones.

You can do this exercise in a standing or sitting position. I advise you stay how you are most comfortable, but make sure your head is in normal position.

Lift your lower lips as high as it can go by pushing your lower jaw forward. By now you should be feeling the strain on the chin and jaw muscles. Stay in that position for about fifteen seconds and then release and relax.

Repeat this ten times holding for ten to fifteen seconds on each round.

Exercise Six: Fish Face Exercise

kiss exercise

Fish face exercise is also know as the smilling fish face. It is one of the best facial exercises for cheeks. It is something that can be done while doing other things like watching Netflix.

All you have to do is suck in your cheeks and lips like you were trying to smile. Hold the position for 5 to ten seconds. You should feel some burning sensation around your cheeks and jaws. That is a sign you are doing it right.

Repeat process ten times and hold minimum five seconds in each session.

Exercise Seven: Blowing Air Exercise

blowing air exercise

The blowing air exercise is one exercise that works almost all the facial and neck muscles and it is also effective in reducing double chin and chubby cheeks.

It has impact on the cheeks, jaws and neck muscles and helps in toning them, thereby leading to a natural face lift and a leaner appearance.

Sit on a chair with your spin straight, tilt you head backward to an extent you can handle, making sure that you are facing the ceiling.

Pull your lips and blow out air from your mouth. Do this for ten seconds and repeat ten times in a day

Exercise Eight: Jaw Release

jaw release exercise

This would sound interesting for ladies who want high cheek bones and sexy jaw lines. This exercise helps stretching and handling muscles around the lips, jaw and cheeks.

You can do this in a sitting or standing position, depending on which you find more comfortable....

Make sure you are in a straight posture and move your jaws like you were chewing something while keeping your mouth closed. Breathe in and out while humming your favorite song.

The next thing to do would be to open your mouth wide with your tongue pressed within your lower teeth.

Hold the position for some seconds 5 - 10. Breath in and out agian, that completes one cycle. Repeat 10 times while holding minimum 5 seconds each.

You need to get involved in other kinds of weight loss exercises. You need to burn calories. You should get involved in a comprehensive exercise program which would include calorie burning exercises and muscle toning exercises for the major muscle groups of your body.

Furthermore, as mention earlier on in this post. Doing only facial exercise won't work the magic you need to lose face fat. Facial exercises will tone your face but not lose the fat.

Jogging or brisk walking for half an hour daily can help with calorie burning and other cardiovascular exercises too.

Muscle toning will help increase your body metabolism and there by encouraging your body to burn fat fast, even when at rest. This is when you start shedding those unwanted fat in the face.

There are many muscle toning exercises that you can do in your house without any equipment and we would be discussing them in later posts.


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