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Proargi 9+ is a dietary supplement promoting heart health.

The ingredients include l-arginine, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, xylitol, vitamin D3, red wine extract, vitamins B6 and B12, d-ribose, pomegranate fruit concentrate, l-citrulline, and grape skin extract.

It helps to enhance blood flow, decrease body fat (adipose tissue), help you maintain normal blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and elevate energy levels.

ProArgi-9+ as a drink mix is manufactured by Synergy Worldwide designed to support heart health.

The key ingredient is L-arginine. L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is said to enhance cardiovascular function and is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO) in the body.

Increasing NO levels in the body is associated with various health benefits, including improved sexual function, blood flow, energy, inflammation, anti-inflammation, and promoting fat loss and muscle mass growth.

Clinical studies have proven that l-arginine can benefit the body in many ways when taken safely and in appropriate doses, and ProArgi-9+ is formulated to help you get the greatest benefits of the essential amino acid.

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Functions of ProArgi-9 Plus

ProArgi 9+ works to increase general health by improving the cardiovascular system of the body. ProArgi 9 Plus improves blood flow, thus, making the vital organs in the body get a good supply of nutrients and oxygen.

ProArgi-9+ is used by athletes, health-conscious individuals who want to improve their cardiovascular health and mature individuals who want to reduce signs of aging.

Several health problems that people face today are circulatory-based. Thus, a wide range of advantages and results have been observed by those individuals using Proargi-9 plus. Below are a few of the benefits of the product:

  • Maintains normal blood sugar and healthy blood pressure levels in the body.
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol levels, especially, triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Aids in optimizing blood flow throughout the body.
  • Plays a big role in immune function, cell division, and cardiovascular health.
  • Supports healthy sexual performance
  • Prevent erectile dysfunction.
  • Aids body systems and vital organs through the production of nitric oxide, NO.
  • Fights the negative effects of premature cardiovascular aging.
  • May help in decreasing fat in the body
  • Increases muscle mass.

Many people have witnessed remarkable health improvements in various conditions like:

  • Kidney distress
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Kidney failure
  • Inflammation in arteries
  • Neuropathy

Research on L-Arginine

A study on patients with coronary artery disease shows that L-arginine expanded the minimum luminal diameters of stenotic segments, and diametrical blood vessel increases of 0.16 mm induced a 24% increase in post-stenotic blood flow.

During coronary artery bypass graft surgeries, L-arginine has been used for the prevention of decreased blood flow in grafts, and it has been effective at preventing increases in both vascular resistance and arterial pressure.

In human research, the use of L-arginine has been effective at:

  • Reducing overall heart rate;
  • Preventing reduced aortic reflection times;
  • Improving the stroke volume;
  • Increasing cardiac output;
  • Decreasing the systemic vascular resistance;
  • Increasing monocytic adhesion;
  • Reducing blood platelet aggregation, and
  • Preventing thickening of aortic intimal.

Side Effects of Proargi-9 Plus

Many people using ProArgi-9 Plus experienced benefits.

They sleep better and are less constipated. Most of the time, people feel an increase in their general well-being.

The conservative approach in its intake usually prevents the occurrence of side effects.

However, some individuals experience a bit of pressure in the head resembling a headache. This is heightened oxygenation of blood flow to the brain and will disappear when the body gets used to it once again.

Some individuals may experience loose stool or diarrhea, and if these intestinal symptoms don’t subside with regular use, you may have to reduce gradually the dosage you take in one shot until it eventually ceases.

Then, increase slowly the dosage until you get the right amount.

Precautionary Measures

If you are taking antihypertensive medications, know that l‑arginine may produce an additive effect, which may induce hypotension (low blood pressure).

You should closely observe your blood pressure levels if you are also taking blood pressure pills.

It is advisable to always follow a doctor’s guidance as you may need to adjust your medication dosage. Remember to always start with a low dose of ProArgi-9 Plus.

You may have to slowly increase your dosage while monitoring your blood pressure levels, taking caution to ensure that two hours should elapse between your meds and your ProArgi-9 Plus supplementation.

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