Weight Loss Using Apple Cider Vinegar: How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss can be achieved through various means which include; getting more physically active, watching what you eat, and eating diets made of more fruits and vegetables, eating whole foods instead of refined and polish foods with additives which contain some dangerous chemicals which can be injurious to health and your overall well-being.

The whole idea about weight loss is to eat fewer calories than you expend.

In the last decade, weight loss has been a major topic of discussion across various platforms and this is not without a reason.

Overweight is linked to a lot of health complications. Almost everyone is trying to lose weight to live a healthy and happier life.

This quest has invented quite a number of things, foods or processes. Some worked and some did more damage. In this article, we are looking at achieving weight loss using apple cider vinegar.

Katherine Zeratsky, noted that there is no magic concerning weight loss. She argued against weight loss using apple cider vinegar, although she noted that it safe for most persons.

She added that you only need to burn fewer calories than you consume. She advocated for fruits and vegetable consumption.

What is apple cider vinegar (ACV)?

Interestingly, there have been several testimonies emanating from weight loss using apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is also referred to as ACV.

It is a natural bacteria-fighting agent that contains lots of important minerals as well as trace elements such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, etc.

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar

  • Apart from weight loss, apple cider vinegar is quite beneficial to the body system. Its health benefits cover diverse body parts including the heart and the skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion process because it increases stomach acid and can as well be a source of energy as it boosts energy.
  • Furthermore, studies have revealed that apple cider vinegar has the ability to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This means a reduction in tendency for cardiovascular diseases. This was confirmed via an observational research on women who ate salad dressing with apple cider vinegar and they were found to have reduced heart diseases risk.

Apple cider Vinegar and weight loss

In lieu with these benefits of apple cider vinegar, it’s evident that it will not only serve you as weight loss agent but also help your body system in a lot of ways. Lots of studies have revealed that vinegar helps to enhance satiety.

This makes you feel full thereby leading to consumption of very low calories and this will in turn lead to weight loss.

Please note that the weight loss using apple cider vinegar takes place over time. It is never a sudden result producer.

In a study carried out on obese individuals over 12 weeks in order to ascertain the effectiveness of weight loss using apple cider vinegar, there was belly fat reduction as well as weight loss.

These individuals took apple cider vinegar on a daily basis for 12 weeks.

A study reported that people who took 15 ml lost 2.6 pounds equivalent of 1.2 kilograms while people who took 30 ml lost 1.7 kilograms or 3.7 pounds.

Again, a 2012 Dutch study found that in one North African culture, women who eat one cup of apple cider vinegar daily achieved greater weight loss than women who did not.

Weight Loss Using Apple Cider Vinegar: What is the recommended Dosage?

For a beginner seeking to achieve weight loss using apple cider vinegar, I wouldn’t recommend you to consume the daily dose of 2 tablespoons or 30 ml on your first day.

My advice is that you begin with 1 teaspoon and gradually work it into your diet. You may mix it with some water to start with.

In case you don’t like to drink much, you may incorporate it into your food probably mix it with your salad dressing and you will be good.


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