Weight Loss With Bad Knee: You Can Still Lose Weight With That Knee

Bad knee problem can be severe, chronic or acute. Overweight causes more problems for you when you already have bad knees. It troubles the knee and can expose it to the risk of suffering from arthritis. Weight loss requires you to make changes to your diet and exercise regime. In this post, we are going to see who we  can achieve weight loss with bad knee.

However, when you have bad knees, it can be trickier to find weight loss with bad knee exercises that will meet your fitness goal. You need to choose exercises that will not cause additional strain or damage to your knees. Health issues like osteoarthritis can make weight-bearing exercises complex. The same thing applies to acute injury or knee replacement.

When you have bad knee, you must stay clear from exercises that requires swift changing of directions like running but you can still engage in high intensity exercise.                                  


Warm-ups are very significant part of any exercise. It is very necessary if you have bad knees. A suitable warm-up loosens taut muscles and makes it easier for your blood to flow. To prepare your body for further exercises, do some brisk walking or other light activity that doesn’t cause pain to your knee until you start to sweat.

After that perform a few stationary stretches to relax the muscles and ligaments before you start. Take ten to fifteen minutes to methodically warm up your body, or follow a precise routine given to you by your physical therapist.


Swimming removes the greater part of your weight off your knee and is not harsh to your joints. You can carry out the majorities of the swimming strokes to swim laps of the pool, stride water or just stir around to exercise without harming your knees.

Any swimming stokes that result to discomfort must be avoided. You can swim constantly for at least 20 minutes to increase your heart rate and boost the fat burning impact of exercise on your body.


Riding a bike is an additional form of exercise that doesn’t constitute any form of harm to your knee. It is a good weight loss with bad knee and makes use of your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes to push you forward without throbbing on your joints. If you’ve freshly had surgery, you may need to wait until you feel comfortable with riding a bike.

For a quality weight loss workout, ride your bike off road or on the road, or make use of a stationary bike at the gym. Steep hills cycling are a no–no if you have bad knees. Go on a level ground as it requires less intensity to propel you forward.

Resistance Training

Although people believe that weight training is essential for building big muscles, it’s as well a helpful weight loss exercise with bad knee. You have to stay away from heavy squats, leg presses and leg extensions when you have bad knee.

You can engage in bench press, shoulder press, rowing movements, biceps and triceps exercises and abdominal work. These forms of exercise as well assist you to build lean muscle, which assists you to burn fat.

Use Elliptical Machines

You can boost your activity by using elliptical machine to burn fat and boost your caloric shortage. Elliptical training is less taxing on your knees and hips. Step on the pedals, grip the poles with your hands and swing your arms and legs back and forth in a gliding movement.

Only engage in roughly 30 minutes of elliptical training at any one time when you are starting out and steadily increase to 60 minutes when your aerobic ability develops. Do these four or five days every week.

Use Weight Machines

Weight loss with bad knee exercises like chest press, shoulder press, back row, triceps extension and biceps curl help you to build as much muscle as possible without stressing your knees. Go for ten to twelve reps; engage in four or five sets and workout two or three days every week. Do not forget to take short breaks to rest in between to boost your heart.



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