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Yoga During PregnancyRoughly thirteen percent of women experience a major depression during pregnancy, with an even greater percentage of women showing clinically a great boost in depressive symptoms. A lot of studies reveal the potential dangers associated with antenatal depression. We are going to see how yoga during pregnancy helps.

When placed side by side pregnant women who are not depressed, depressed pregnant women experience greater rates of pre-eclampsia, impulsive abortion and pre-birth complications, and newborns of depressed mothers are at an increased risk of premature delivery and low birth weight. Antenatal depression frequently results to postpartum depression, which is connected to cognitive and emotional issues in children.

Despite the fact that pharmacological and non-pharmacologic remedies have been created to treat depression in the general population, there haven’t been much clinical trials that examine the efficacy and safety of depression interventions during pregnancy. Pregnant women have unique concerns that affect their treatment decisions, and the most accessible depression treatment in the community, antidepressant medication, is seen by many women to be objectionable during pregnancy.

There are serious concern regarding fetal exposure of this medication among both women and providers. Also, the risk and the benefit decision-making can be complicated as a result of the large and sometimes contradictory study that  discuss about how safe it is use antidepressant during prenatal.

Psychotherapeutic approaches like interpersonal psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral psychoanalysis have guaranteed treatment of perinatal depression but commitment to psychotherapy is frequently hindered by logistical or attitudinal obstructions. A few pregnant women may be reluctant to seek mental health care as a result of due to shame; while others may not have enough time as a result of increased medical appointments essential for routine checks during prenatal care, or other chores connected to the preparation for a new baby.

 Yoga during pregnancy – Is it safe?

A study that examined the acute maternal and fetal effects of yoga postures and alleged contraindicated postures in a potential group of healthy pregnant women in their third trimester showed no change in maternal heart rate, temperature, pulse oximetry, or fetal heart rate. During the twenty-six yoga postures, fundamental signs, pulse oximetry, and uterine tocometry remained normal in all women and in all the postures.

The fetal heart rate in all the twenty-six postures was normal. There were also no falls or injuries recorded during the complete six hundred and fifty cumulative poses. Also, none of the participants recorded reduced fetal movement. This showed that during pregnancy, all the 26 yoga postures are sufficiently tolerated with no acute unpleasant maternal physiologic or fetal heart rate alterations.

Does Yoga during pregnancy mitigate maternal stress and anxiety?

A study conducted to examine the effects of mindfulness-based yoga during pregnancy on maternal psychological and physical distress showed that women who practice yoga in their second trimester experienced greater reductions in physical pain from baseline to post involvement when compared to pregnant women in their third trimester reported increased pain. Women in their third trimester showed greater reductions in perceived stress and trait anxiety.

Experimental research evidence showed that yoga is potentially efficient in the reduction of maternal stress and anxiety particularly if started early during pregnancy.

The benefits of prenatal yoga

Yoga During Pregnancy

  • Prenatal yoga classes when compared with a cardiovascular exercise like walking helps pregnant women to maintain healthy shape.
  • Yoga can keep you agile
  • It helps to tone your muscles and improve your balance
  • Yoga also improves your circulation during pregnancy with very minimal impact the joints.
  • Yoga also helps you to breathe deeply and willfully relax and this assists during the physical demands of labor, birth, and new motherhood.
  • Fear and pain produces adrenalin which leads to less production of oxytocin, a hormone that makes labor progress.
  • A regular yoga practice will assist you to refuse the urge to tighten up when you feel pain, and make it easier for you to relax during labor
  • A review of ten research studies shows that prenatal yoga minimizes your chance of having pregnancy complications, reduces your pain and stress levels, and the risk of having a underweight baby
  • The benefits of yoga aren’t limited to your pregnancy and physical well-being. Prenatal yoga class is a great way to meet other pregnant women and become part of a community which can give you constant emotional boost.

Studies show that yoga can be safe during late pregnancy and this show that yoga is beneficial and safe means of mitigating stress, nervousness, and depression associated with pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is especially beneficial as part of an incorporated procedure that is composed of breathing exercises, meditation, and deep relaxation.

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