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The Yohimbe for Bodybuilding comes from the bark of the Yohimbe tree that is found in the nations of West Africa like Cameroon, Zaire, and Gabon.

Yohimbine is the major active constituent of the Yohimbe bark, with the active ingredient being yohimbine hydrochloride.

Yohimbe has been used in African medicine for centuries, and common illnesses and medical conditions that it has been used to treat include leprosy, fevers, coughs, etc…

It has also been used as a local anesthetic, with the most popular use of Yohimbe, being, its use as an aphrodisiac and as a mild hallucinogen.

In Europe, for the past 75 years, it has been used to treat male erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Yohimbine, the active ingredient is an alpha-2-receptor antagonist, which causes your body to increase noradrenaline production.

Yohimbine is similar to other stimulants like caffeine in that it activates the sympathetic ‘fight-or-flight’ nervous system and increases one’s energy expenditure.

But yohimbine affects different receptors, which gives yohimbine a few unique properties.

Although yohimbine is a ‘natural’ supplement extracted from the yohimbine tree, it is not unconditionally safe and is more of a wildcard than many other stimulants.

It simply should not be screwed around with.

At higher dosages, it has serious psychoactive effects ranging from impulsivity and increased sex drive to anxiety, but more sensible dosages are generally free from clinical side effects.

However, increased blood pressure and anxiety are often reported anecdotally and in studies.

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Yohimbe Weight Loss Results

When it all started, a topical cream that contains yohimbine was first investigated for its effects on fat loss, when applied to the skin.

And it was thought that the anti-obesity mechanism of yohimbine could promote targeted fat loss on the thighs of women, by inhibiting lipid-regulating receptors that are present in large numbers in these muscles.

The results of the study were inconclusive, but other studies that have examined the use of oral Yohimbe supplements for weight loss have found positive results.

A double-blind clinical study involving a group of male soccer players was done on the effects of Yohimbe extract on body composition and exercise performance.

This group of male soccer players was given 20 mg of yohimbine hydrochloride daily over a period of 3 weeks.

While no improvements in athletic performance were recorded, players did reduce average body fat levels from 7.1% to 9.3 %.

Yohimbe Dosage

For those who are taking prescription medications or those with chronic health issues, consulting with a medical professional is important before taking Yohimbe.

There is no standardized yohimbine dosage recommendation, however, most people take it at a dosage of approximately 1mg per 10 lb of bodyweight on any given day.

Following this dosage roadmap, 14 mg per day would be recommended for someone who weighs 140 lb, 18 mg for someone who weighs 180 lb, and 22 mg for someone who is 220 lb per day.

Various reviews have also suggested that it is best to start with half the recommended dose to determine how sensitive you are to the effects of this supplement.

Yohimbe extract is generally taken twice a day and should be consumed on an empty stomach, for best results.

Administering Yohimbe on a full stomach may cause some reactions, and counteract some of the benefits of this compound.

Most bodybuilders take it before breakfast or several hours after meals, to ensure that their body is in a fasted state.

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Yohimbe Side Effects for Bodybuilders

Yohimbe is rated by the Natural Medicines Database as “Possibly Unsafe” when used without medical supervision.

According to one resource, Yohimbine has been used safely for up to 10 weeks in individuals who were medically supervised.

It is important to follow recommended dosages closely and to avoid combining Yohimbe with contraindicated drugs or supplements, in order to avoid adverse effects.

Some possible side effects of Yohimbe bark extract include heart palpitations, nervousness, headache, insomnia, vomiting, etc…

More serious side effects are associated with excess dosages include Seizures, heart arrhythmias, loss of consciousness, and painful erections.

It is important to note that some Yohimbe supplements sold in the US have been found to contain more or fewer dosages than what is declared on the label. The dose of active yohimbine alkaloids in the supplements varying by as much as 25-150%.

Make sure to consult with a doctor to determine whether this supplement is appropriate for you, before purchasing a Yohimbe supplement for bodybuilding or fat loss.

Best Selling Yohimbe Supplements

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