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Yohimbe is a type of evergreen tree native to parts of Africa.

It is more commonly used by men, but Yohimbe is also, a powerful sexual stimulant for women.

Yohimbe bark may increase sexual pleasure and interest for both genders and could be effective for sexual dysfunction caused by using selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, a type of antidepressant.

Other unproven benefits for Yohimbe include:

  • for complications of diabetes,
  • for enhancing athletic performance,
  • as a sedative and
  • for exhaustion

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How Yohimbe As An Ingredient Works?

Yohimbe works as an aphrodisiac for better sexual performance, and functions to increase sexual appetite and elevate sexual drive.

When Yohimbe is consumed, it increases blood flow to the genital areas.

Being that engorged blood veins in the genital area are highly sensitive, a slight pressure applied on this area is enough to kick-start a full sexual response cycle.

Additionally, Yohimbe is known to activate hormones related to sexual activity, and once activated, remain high in the system, resulting in a long-term effect on sexual moods.

Yohimbe dosage depends on the product at hand, because, some products have high concentrations while others have low concentrations, but the recommended dosage for sexual performance is 15-30 mg per day.

Furthermore, Yohimbe bark appears to have a stimulatory effect on sex organs.

In women, it might increase arousal and sensitivity of the clitoris, and also stimulates the central nervous system, especially the nerves in the lower spine.

This causes increased circulation to the genital area and might promote greater clitoral sensation.

Yohimbe for Women

Yohimbe herb will increase your sex drive and has been used for ages for that purpose. It is available as medicine that treats libido related problems in both men and women.

In sexually related treatment, Yohimbe does the following:

  • arouses sexual excitement.
  • Increases libido and increases the sexual appetite.
  • Yohimbe works by increasing blood flow to the vagina.

This functionality assures improved sex drive, and a high supply of blood flow to the genitals makes the genital veins and nerves porous.

This increases the sensitivity in the genital areas, making a slight stimulation to elevate sexual appetite and make a woman want more and immediate sex.

With increased sexual appetite, high sexual drive, and increased libido, satisfying sex are guaranteed.

Additionally, Yohimbe is an ingredient one will find in almost 90% of all female sexual enhancement supplements.

Yohimbe, to some extent, is available as a prescription medicine for treating sexual dysfunction in both males and females. It can be found under Erex, Testomar, Yocon, Yohimar, and Yohimbe brand names.

In men, this Yohimbe bark treats impotence and rectifies orgasmic dysfunctions, while in women, the product treats hypoactive sexual desire disorder or reduced libido.

The main use of Yohimbe in women is treating anorgasmia, and taking a dose 1-2 hours before sex gives a woman a higher sexual appetite with increased libido.

If you are a woman who hardly experiences orgasm or have a reduced sex drive, Yohimbe will help treat the problem.

Yohimbine Dosage for Women

In a clinical trial where subjects were given 5 to 100 milligrams daily for two to eight weeks, there were no reports of adverse effects, but higher dosages are associated with an increased risk of adverse effects.

Reports from other research studies designed to investigate yohimbine effects on females suggested that the recommended dosage is four to six milligrams of yohimbine HCL, three to four times a day.

Physicians prescribe between 5 – 6 mg to men with erectile dysfunction and normally prescribe this amount to women for increasing libido.

Women may require smaller dosages than men since they mostly experience more side effects when using high dosages compared to their male counterparts.

Yohimbine and yohimbine HCL should only be taken under the supervision of a physician, and it is important to check with a doctor to determine the appropriate dosage for your needs.

Safety of Yohimbine for Women

When used by healthy female adults in the recommended dosages established by a health expert, Yohimbine is usually well-tolerated and presents minimal side effects.

However, it may not be safe for all individuals and some women may experience Yohimbine side effects even when used at recommended dosage levels.

Yohimbine may produce the following side effects in women:

  • Stimulation of salivary glands and increased salivation
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • A headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Sedation
  • Enhanced sexual response


Yohimbe is known to treat sexual problems and is an effective product that has been in traditional use to treat sexual related problems in both males and females.

Nearly all herbal female sexual enhancement products contain Yohimbe.

In high concentration, a sexual enhancement supplement with Yohimbe is effective if taken a few hours before sex, and Yohimbe is ideal for any age and any race.

The product can help you reach your dream orgasms, have a satisfying sexual experience.

Use Yohimbe as prescribed, avoid excessive dosage, and make sure to consult your doctor before starting supplementation.

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