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The Yohimbe plant is an evergreen tree that originates from central Africa, from which the bark can be extracted and used as Yohimbine for Weight Loss Supplement.

The active compound that derives from the bark is Yohimbine, which is an indole alkaloid. Indole alkaloids are naturally-occurring chemicals that have a direct effect on the body.

In traditional medicine, the tree extract has been used to improve libido both in males and females and seems to be fairly effective in improving symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

This supplement has a high affinity for alpha 2-adrenoceptors, and studies have shown that when these receptors are engaged, adipose tissue can be mobilized, resulting in an increased rate of fat burning.

Yohimbine supplements are used to improve sexual performance, increase energy, and promote fat loss. However, the evidence linking yohimbine with these effects is very limited.

Some research shows that this naturally derived substance may be most useful for promoting fat loss, and others will counter that it is only effective when combined with exercise.

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Yohimbine Basics

Yohimbine is used in dietary supplements for a number of purposes, most notably to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

This is because, Yohimbine works by increasing blood flow to the genital region, and this may be able to counteract sexual side effects associated with certain prescription drugs.

Yohimbine, Exercise and Weight Loss

Yohimbine is believed to promote weight loss, and combining it with exercise could make a greater difference.

According to a 2002 report published in “Medical Hypothesis,” yohimbine could boost exercise efficiency, thus aiding in fat loss.

It was noted that yohimbine, when taken prior to exercise, may be able to increase lipolysis or the breakdown of stubborn fat deposits.

Another study done in 2006, found that yohimbine significantly decreased body fat in soccer players, and the conclusion was that yohimbine could be used as a fat-loss strategy for elite athletes.

Scientific Reviews

A study reported that when 47 men were given either a high dose of Yohimbine (43mg per day) or a placebo over a 6-month period, no effects on weight loss was noticed.

This research was done and reported using a comprehensive range of assessment measures that include: body weight, body mass index, body fat, and fat distribution.

These parameters were measured both by waist-to-hip ratio and by CT scan.

One of the human trials available found that 20mg yohimbine daily, taken in 2 doses of 10mg, reduced body fat from 9.3% to 7.1% over a 21 days period.

Similar results were seen in a study by Berlin et al. In their research, they studied 19 obese participants, and asked them to take a fairly small dose of 18mg per day for 8 weeks.

However, when compared to a placebo group there was no difference between the two groups with respect to either body weight.

Finally, in a large review of dietary supplements published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Yohimbine was found to be ineffective at causing weight loss, along with other plant extracts such as Garcinia cambogia and Yerba mate.

The conclusion of the study, however, was that ”there was no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that any of the specific dietary supplements in the review were effective for reducing body weight”.

Ultimately, Yohimbe is a seriously under-researched drug, as one study showed potential benefits on fat loss, most other studies show no difference.

Recommended Dosage and Active Amounts

Dosages of 0.2mg per kilogram bodyweight have been successfully used to increase fat burning without significant implications on cardiovascular parameters like heart rate and blood pressure.

This result can be used to create a dosage of the following:

  • 14 mg for a 150lb person
  • 18 mg for a 200lb person
  • 22 mg for a 250lb person

Supplementation is most effective between meals or during short-term fasting, and caution should be exercised at higher body weight, since the cardiovascular system may not be prepared to handle a stimulatory agent such as yohimbine.

When supplementing yohimbine for the first time, always start with a small dose and assess tolerance before proceeding.

Caution should also be exercised when using the product because many supplements containing yohimbine either do not list how much yohimbine is included or if they do, the actual dose ranges from 25-150% of the dose listed.

Being that the dosage may be higher than listed, this reinforces the reason to start with a lower dose.

Potential Side Effects and Health Risks

In taking Yohimbine for weight loss results, it is important to be aware of the potential side effects, which can especially result when used at high dosage levels or when taken for long periods of time.

Some users report that it is well tolerated with no adverse effects, but others have experienced side effects even at suggested dosages. Such effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sleeplessness, and
  • General anxiety

Negative side effects may also develop at lower dosages of the supplement when taken with an anti-depressant medication.

Yohimbine supplements may also interact with medications for kidney failure, high blood pressure, or medications for certain mental health conditions.

Taking yohimbine in large dosages could cause organ failure, difficulty breathing, heart failure, seizures, paralysis, death, chest pains, or irregular heartbeat.

Any individual who experiences these severe side effects should seek immediate medical attention.

Make sure to always take any supplements containing yohimbine as directed to limit the risk of taking an excessively large dosage.

Individuals with any health conditions or a history of health conditions should discuss the supplement with a doctor before using it, and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should avoid the supplement due to a lack of safety information regarding this group.

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